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Model S hits the BIG SCREEN!!

Saw the teaser trailer on YouTube for the movie "Time Framed" Albeit briefly there it is .. A silver Model S

Nice! However, I would have used a black MS (no offence to the grey MS), black would have matched the character better.

I think 50% of that trailer was completely black...

Made me dizzy.

Someone should have told the foley artist Teslae dont have metal ignition keys.

Loved the music ... the trailer is bleh ... Model S is teslariffic.

Also check out the new season of house of lies when it premieres on show time. Don Chedle drives a model s. everyone who works on the show wants to get one now.

The NatGeo show on Tesla (megafactories) was originally supposed to air tonight in the US. Can't find it- would have been a great commercial for Tesla.

I couldn't find that NatGeo show listed anywhere in my monthly Dish Network TV guide. I'm not sure it is shown in the U.S., but did watch the Tesla factory segment online. Fascinating!

Lautner and Tesla- yes please. The rest of it- won't judge before I see.

Sorry to be snarky here but just judging from the trailer it looks like a pretty cheesy, poorly acted movie. I was really hoping that Tesla would make it's movie debut in a Bond film.

Yea the Trailer is Bleh... looks like barely a B movie.. possibly independent movie that might not even get play at a film festival.

Unless someone has more info?

LOL! Yeah that's almost a parody of every bad Bond-Wanna-Be film ever made, but the S looks cool! Make sure you watch all the way through to the end credits to see the valet scene.

It would have been hilarious if the hero closed the door, walked away, and the handles retracted and doors locked. Then cut to the confused face of the valet. Movie magic!

Heh, a "series of short films" - doubt this will be on the "big screen" any time soon.

Wonder whose car it is?

Car manufacturers pay a bunch to get there cars in a movie. I anticipate cameos for the foreseeable future.

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