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I see many posts about getting the best distance out of your battery by driving slow speeds on highways with maximum speed limits of 70 or more.

The "don't use cruise control it's to inefficient"
I'll let you know right now in Missouri if you coast up hill at speeds below 60 (actually in most cases under 70 outside the city) then coast down the next one at whatever speed the car will go, you will get run off the road by drivers going up the hill and you will get ticketed going down the hill when speeding. There were 3 cops on hwy 44 on my way back from a road trip last week. I did not get a ticket (I let the cruise do it's job) but they were ALL on the downhill stretch. The highway has two lanes of traffic each way. If you are in the slow lane you are behind a large truck going slow all the way up the hill, no advantage. So even ICE drivers who play this game to conserve fuel use the fast lane to coast up hill. That even annoys me.

Driving the perfect speed for distance:
Few people are going to get excited about buying a Model S for the price it sells at when they see them on the highways with posted speed limits of 70 MPH or more and the car is going 55-60 to conserve battery. The car will get classified as a overpriced large Yugo with good looks.

Driving around in hot weather with the A/C off, windows up or down, is a joke. Again no one is going to want a car for over $70k when they can't use the A/C on road trips.

Don't shoot me. I am just the messenger.

I am severely and sincerely puzzled by those policies. Usually a targetted tax like that is intended to discourage some thing, in favour of an approved alternative. What is the alternative? Public transport? Shank's mare (walking)? Minimizing travel/movement?

Or is the road network especially difficult to maintain, and "long per capita"?

The other major possibility is that the gubmin sees autos as an "inelastic" target that people are going to buy regardless, making them a reliable source of revenue.

Edit: gubmin = gubmint (= governing mint?)

"MandL | SEPTEMBER 20, 2012
While I don't really WANT to drive 300 miles in a day, I often will. I doubt I'm that unusual either."

Don't doubt it, you are unusual. If you don't think so, I'm guessing you must know a lot of truckers or something.

Or Travelling Salesmen. ;)

Or Nomads, Gypsies and Mad Max??

mrspaghet -- How many people want to drive 300 miles per day

I'm not sure where you reside, but 300 miles in Texas will hardly get you out of town. I avoid driving more than 700 miles per day, so I try to make a day's driving 600 to 750 miles.

My wife is wanting to go to Disneyland within a few days of getting the Model S. For us this is a hop of roughly 200 miles then over a significant hill and down into the LA basin with 255 miles. So 200 miles, find a recharge port, then 120 miles to Bakersfield and charge at a Nissan or Mitsubishi dealership (HA!) or an RV park. Then 140 miles including the significant climb and then coast into the LA basin.

The 200 mile hop is to stop by my parents place on the way down. Otherwise I'd plan on a stop by Harris Ranch and have lunch then continue down the road (roughly same difference) to an RV plug near Bakersfield.

Going 55 mph vs 70 mph makes zero difference to these plans. ZERO. I'm only going 200 miles at a hop, not 270 miles.

It is all in the planning. If I was driving my ICE (Jetta TDI) then I'd go the 200 miles, get some diesel, then go over the hill and look for a refill near LA. The main difference for the Model S is worrying about getting over the hill without waiting on a 120V charge. Charging off a J1772 or NEMA 14-50 is the 120 mile recharge point and that's a couple hours just to get ~60 miles of charge for the climb.

@Jerry3: I'm in TX too, and I stand by my prior comments. The driving patterns you are describing are unusual.

@Jason S: "it is all in the planning" - Couldn't have said it better myself.

As it turns out, one of the new supercharge stations is at Laval Rd and I-5... so that's my Bakersfield stop. SWEET!!

I can stop there for lunch and make it easily all the way to Anahiem from there.

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