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Model S Need more customization inside.

I'm a huge Tesla fan, as a matter of fact I'm almost 99% ready to buy one. The only thing that keeps me back honestly is I think that the model S inside design is too Rough, everything seems so square and also I felt like tesla didn't make to many custom parts in the interior as if they bought a bunch of pre-made stuff and put it all together. Like the shifter and the rear-view mirror both look like mercedes parts. Eve the steiring wheel doesn't feel like it's made by Tesla. Also the seats feel really rough and hard. I just think that tesla designed such an amazing product but they could have made the inside look more futuristic and more their own. Another example is the center console open space between the two front seats, there is all that open space surely they could have put some other tech gadgets there, then they would have made this care truly a tech geeks dream come true like my self.

Hopefully the next model will improve.

What are your guys thoughts?

guess what... they actually plundered the Mercedes parts store. Open space between seats is great. If a brand new company can re-invents everything they never have a product out.

@ruben0107. You'll definitely want to take a look at this

I do agree that the gear shifter, cruise control and turn signal levers don't match the car well. The LEDs on those are orange not the crisp white you see behind the steering wheel buttons at night etc. Otherwise though I am really happy with the interior. The seats to me are very comfortable and I love the minimalist interior design overall. Ever seen the inside of a Porsche Panamera? it's clutter city. Model S is a breath of fresh air against the other button laiden luxury models out there. Fit an finish-wise when you press on various areas of the interior trim you see that items move a little suggesting that Tesla hasn't quite reached milestone of interior sturdiness other manufacturer's have but design wise I love what they've done.

ruben0107....I am a model S owner. I suggest that you DO NOT test drive a model S. That way you won't know what you are missing when you blissfully drive your ICE putt putt.

dbourne... Wow I did not see the new center console it does look nice.

I don't know i'm just saying that when I say the interior today it kind of felt flimsy and all the plastic was a bit rattly. I just think according to my standards for in innovative company like they Aced the exterior, the Aced the battery technology, the rear seats in the trunk is amazing, but the interior on the other hand I think they could have done better I love the 17" monitor and all but still something doesn't feel right.

For example check out the jaguar XJ (link above) Look how amazing and futuristic and solid that car looks by far it has more options than the tesla I mean i get inside teh XJ and automatically feel like i'm atleast 5 years in the future.

Back seat is cool, but do not like the front seat and controls on the jag. Very clutter after 3 months of driving my Tesla.

But if you want a Jag, buy one. You don't need our permission.

I agree back seat is awesome.

Love the jag but also want something electric lol. I don't know what I want ;( haha.

Hmm Jaguar, the formerly British car marque made by the same company that does the Tata Nano... Yea ok.... Overpriced and outdated... Have fun paying for all that gas and expensive ICE service at the Jag dealer!

Tesla is the future.

They could add some expensive interior options for those used to buying overpriced ICE cars, but Tesla has the best value for the money.

Tesla doesn't really need to add much they just need to fix their current gadgets to be more solid and give it a better look inside. And also make more of their own customized parts rather then taking it from mercedes or other cars.


If you're 99% convinced, then just buy it already! Nothing we say here is going to change anything within the timeframe you're considering a purchase. So... it is what it is. You know that. Buy it or don't... but wishing the Model S was something different is just a waste of time.


I think the interior is an artistic vision. You may not agree with the artist's creation. But the interior should be taken as a complete work of art. It's not a few cup holders short of ideal. What is there (and is not there) was a conscious decision.

I was a cup holder, center console agitator for several years in this forum. But after 3 months in the car, I've come to understand the design language of the interior.

I think the inside is luxurious and fantastic. I love the space between the front seats. My papers no longer fall off the passenger seat.

Ruben: Tough choice. I owned a Jag XF Supercharged. I do believe the interior was impressive. However, premium fuel and 14 mpg gets a little old. No car on the market today can match the size or intuitiveness of the center touchscreen. The Jag was powerful and fun to drive. While I do not have my 'S' model yet, the 'S' is quicker than the close to 500hp jag.

Ultimately, it is your choice. For me, once I drove the 'S' it was a 'no brainer' for me. I can be 'greener' and have fun with a range of 200+ miles.

Good luck on your decision.

I like the Mercedes parts, I drove a Mercedes a quarter million miles with almost no issues and love their reliability.

I have seen similar comments about people not liking the interior, honestly it does not bother me much but would be better if they offered a 'premium interior package' for those who like plush interiors, would make certain buyers happy and help profit margins.

I would like the 'interior for dinosaurs' with some buttons and levers and a tape deck as I am not into touchscreens (quickly broke my phone with touchscreen and promptly replaced it with a regular phone with buttons, so have a dim view of their durability)... Maybe some 1970's shag carpet, a disco-ball and velour back seats to entertain the ladies! hehe

Seriously though - i will take the base model interior as it comes and hope the touchscreen does not crap out!

I have owned mine for 1.5 months. At first I used to rant about the sparse interior. Now, I love it.,I come from BMW and Acura, and I feel Tesla interior is spartan, but very nice, with futuristic, modernist touches. Seats may be a bit thin, but they have been very very comfy even on long journeys. Lack of center tunnel makes the cabin very airy and spacious. I can't bear to look at my Acura or sit in it anymore, seriously.

The jag is a cluttered mess. My golly! I remember the HiFi paradigm. Entry level = few buttons. Mid-range = lots of buttons. HiEnd = few buttons (maybe some hidden compartments). So the Jag falls in the mid-range level, while the Tesla is HiEnd.
Spartan is great. The freedom to move your legs around without hitting some center console is fabulous. With the optional CC, people who like it can add it. It is much harder to take a fix installed CC out.

Possibly the most serious "problem" is the storage shelf underneath the 17". That's where I put my iPhone, but when I put the pedal to the metal, the phone slides off the shelf. :-o I'm sort of happy to have this "problem", and "only" have a S85.

Less is most definitively more.

FL, the screen-killer. Dangerous dude.

Wow after reading all the responses I guess I'll never know until I own one. I guess I was just waiting to see if maybe tesla would change some stuff up from their original release before I bought one since they are also studying responses from their current clients maybe the next badge will be much more improved and I didn't want to get "stuck" with this one.

Ruben -

You wouldn't be "stuck" since you could always sell your MS back to Elon after 3yrs for considerably more than you could your Jag after 3 yrs.

And as far as futuristic goes...well I don't know how much more futuristic you can get at this point beyond a 17" touchscreen/control panel.

Although, I do agree with Redshift that the seats feel a little thin, and I could definitely use those door hooks and "Oh Shi7" handles, but I digress.

Great options to customize the interior:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the minimalist interior. We have yet to make a mess in this new car! Nooks and crannies and pockets cause us to be cluttery. I LOVE Slacker internet radio and the flash drives we put music on for albums not on Slacker. Love the open space where center console used to be. Just outstanding... and the seats? Very comfortable. I hope they don't change that in the future!

Best car out there now. I suggest you invest in the stock and buy your car for free next year. Yes the stock seems high, but look for a correction and jump in. Touch screen is genius move. That is all you need in the car. Like the ipad, no one knew they needed, now your car upgrades!! Seats are comfortable. Hell if you get your car now and hold the stock/options you can get your next one for free in three years. While I am a little wishful that I could have ordered a performance plus, I know that this car will have good resale.

JBunn has it exactly correct:

"I think the interior is an artistic vision. You may not agree with the artist's creation. But the interior should be taken as a complete work of art. It's not a few cup holders short of ideal. What is there (and is not there) was a conscious decision.

I was a cup holder, center console agitator for several years in this forum. But after 3 months in the car, I've come to understand the design language of the interior."

The car is an escape into elegant, clean, streamlined elegance. It doesn't feel cheap or plasticky to me. The seats are more comfortable the more you use them and are great for longer trips. I don't want them to change the interior!


I'm with you on the interior, but, clearly, like all things design-related, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder....

I enjoy my P85, but, neither the exterior nor the interior impart a feeling of "soul", as some car reviewers have come to speak of car design. The analogy thrown around our dining room table is the difference between a fiberglass boat and a wooden boat. Our wooden boats have soul while the fiberglass fleet seem to be merely nifty and functional boats to sail. My family looks at our Tesla the same way; a remarkable auto, to be sure, but not the warm and inviting cabin that we'd prefer.

However, we are still happier with this car than we would be with an Aston, Maserati, or Jag; the cars that feel, to us, as the leaders in the "interior soul" category.

Perhaps you'll feel the same way as us and end up happy with your decision to purchase irrespective of cabin interior.

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