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Model S Replacement

I didn't know if this topic has been discussed so pardon me if so.

I was wondering what would happen if your Model S gets totaled in an accident or got stolen (less likely), would you have to be at the end of production line again? I think Tesla should give you a preference to jump back in queue and provide you with same or similar car.

@Teoatawki: Not as long as u go get the car and pick them up at the mall entrance when they finish shopping. That would even give u some alone time with your Model S. Win win;)

There's where the should put the charging stations anyway, so no one else will be tempted to park there.

Until last August, when I bought my SLK55, I'd never had to deal with this issue. Now I'm very conscious of where I park and how close I am to other cars; especially after having to pay to remove a vertical dent from my passenger door.

Please don't anyone here become one of those obnoxious people who parks diagonally across two adjacent spots to guard against car dings! If you're going to be OCD about this, consider attaching a car cover whenever you park in public.

I once sat in the car in a parking lot to monitor my son while my wife made a quick stop that turned out to take an hour. Three cars parked beside me during the time I was parked and all three of them let their car doors bump into the car. Not one of them looked to see if damage was done or even looked at the car they had bumped. If it had been anything more expensive than my wife's corolla I'd have been pissed instead of annoyed and amazed.

Yep. What makes it worse is that there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. The dinger is very unlikely to admit fault, even when caught in the act. They'll say they barely touched the car and any scratches or dents are from previous occurrences. I guess you could take them to small claims court; wouldn't that be fun!

My solution with the SLK is to park several empty stalls farther away from the entrance. You may have noticed that most people park as close to the entrance as possible. They're so allergic to walking, they'll sit and wait or drive around in circles for several minutes before they'll park a little farther away.

Mycroft.....Yes, park and walk. My 1976 Datsun 280Z received several dings from car doors. I finally installed vinyl moldings along the sides of the car along a (factory designed) body crease. I will probably do the same thing for my model S.

I will also park and walk.

Will anyone install one of those little plastic clips at the edge of their own doors, to protect others you park beside? Sauce for the goose ...

I meant the mouldings that go the length of the car. I would use a moulding the same colour as the car, therefore the moulding would not be noticeable.

stephen.kamichi. Side moldings are ugly- no matter how you color them. The 'S' is auto art - Please reconsider. I have always been an extreme park and walk guy.

Petero........Then I need a "Star Trek" force field to protect my model S. I agree with you about the mouldings, but dents and dings are also ugly. I am also a long distance park and walk guy.

Maybe Tesla will have a few refurbished Model S's around? Apple does for the iPhone, no, maybe? Different kind of car, different business model, greater opportunity?

Is the aluminum more or less likely to show a ding?

Is the aluminum more or less likely to show a ding? (mcornwell)

I don't know which is easier to dent. That probably depends not only on the precise kind of material used (there are different kinds of steel and different kinds of aluminums), but also on the material thickness and the geometric construction of, e.g., the doors. I'd guess that aluminum is actually less likely to show a dent after a minor impact.

What I know though is that steel has a spring-like properties (e.g., old-school suspension is based on steel springs): It likes to return to its original form. Therefore, if you take action immediately after your steel car received a dent, it is relatively easy and cheap to return the material (close to) its original form.

Not so with aluminum. It does not make any difference between the intended shape and the shape applied by way of dinging. Cosmetic repairs will be expensive (and cannot be performed by your average body shop).

An increasing number of vehicles are shifting to aluminum panels, so hopefully an increasing number of body shops will have the expertise to work on them.

Sounds like the model s is not only going to be a great car but it will also make people healthier with all this park and walk talk! An idea for the marketing chiefs at Tesla????

Anyone else previously totaled a Tesla and got another?

Can you rent a Tesla until your new one arrives?

Hi All....

This topic has become of interest to me...
My dearly beloved was totaled by a guy running a red light.
It does not look so bad in the pictures, but it's where he hit...
Drivers side rear door and wheel.

This brings up a an interesting question.

What is Tesla's official plan for spare parts production ?


P.S. I'd post a few pictures

"... if I knew how" ??

host them somewhere, and insert each image URL in the following:

<img src="URL" width="600">

@Brian H
I would hope you have a macro for posting those instructions by now.

Just a wetware one.

Text Expander. Works wonderfully well. Typing four characters turns into this:

You should upload the pictures to fickr, or your favorite hosting site, then copy the 'share' code that starts with <a href=... or <img src=...

If the code already includes a "width=" item, change the number to be 600 to make it fit here; also delete the height="..." bit so that the picture retains its aspect ratio. If it doesn't, find the bit of the code that starts with <img src=... and find the > sign. Add width="600" just before it.

You should be good to go.

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