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Model S siting

Red Model S siting North Tampa,FL. Bruce B Downs and SR56. Awesome looking car!

Before Brian gets to you, I will say that you site an electric generating plant, but sight a Model S.


Darn, you beat me to it.

Only thing is I wish I had been the first in my area to get one.

Maybe someone is siting a Model S... some kind of art installation? ;-)

Putting one on a pedestal? ;) It may happen eventually.

Uh oh! Saw one stalled in Santa Clara,CA yesterday in the traffic lane on Lawrence Expressway. Not the kind of attention we want.

P.S. If you get stuck, try to do it in a less conspicuous location.

Ouch! Also heard that there was a fender bender in Palo Alto last week that involved two Model S'! Guess we've got the Bay Area roads saturated. ;-)

Whew... I was worried with my luck I'd end up in the first 2 Model S crash.

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