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Model S vs Model S Performance (price difference)

I was playing around on the design studio and was comparing pricing. I found that the performance is just under $10,000 more for essentially the same car.

The only real differences I found are:
The performance has a spoiler. (I don't if I have a spoiler either way)
The tire color is difference, but still both are still performance. (Black on performance, gray on "standard")
The seat has red pin stripping on the performance. (another feature I don't really need)

Am I missing something or are these the only real differences for $10,000 more. If that is the case I would take the "standard" over the performance.



So my bet is still on hand-winding for the S & X Performance motors. (Brian H)

You can bet whatever you want but I take issue when you present your presumptions as fact (and without citing sources). That was my only critique with your original post, garnished with my own personal opinion (clearly marked as such).

Talk to the hand. The hand-wound motors have been discussed and written about and published for previous high-performance models, so "hand-wound" is the default "null" hypothesis. Up to you or whoever to disprove it, not up to me to prove it. Vous amusez vous.

I'll be sure to ask about how the electric motors are wound for both Perf. and Stand. on Sunday to put all the heavy minds and hearts at ease... :)

@BYT please do...

I've read a fair amount about this in the RC world...typically the better motors are hand-wound because the quality of the machine-wound ones is poor due to low volume and lack of investment in the automation.

I am putting my bet on the Model S being machine-wound because of the volume they need and the willingness to get the machinery right.

But mostly, I just want to see who gets the +1 between @Volker.Berlin and @Brian H...


LOL, on a side note, I just received the "It's Time to Build Your Model S" e-mail message. I asked how much time I had to configure it as I haven't decided on colors yet for exterior which also effects my color choices for the interior and since I test drive Sunday, wanted to see how much time I would get.

From Ross, the reply was, "You have 30 days to submit your order from the date you are invited without affecting your production order. We look forward to seeing you this weekend."

So exciting! :)

@BYT Awesome!

I am waiting for the DC event or NYC. I live in MD, but work in NJ/NYC vicinity so both work for me.

...although I have already placed my order!!!

@digitaltim, isn't it exciting? I think I know what an adult with EDD feels like now.

LOL, or even ADD! SHeesh, too excited!

@BYT, What's your S#? (I'm out at S1162)

S 1,186

Mostly, an adult with ADD acts ODD.

I've never been accused of acting "normal"


You're thinking about it the wrong way. It's pretty obvious that you or I are normal and depending upon how far away from that normality standard other's behaviour is determines how odd they are.

Sounds like a very off-center normal, to the Rest Of Us!

Accusation of acting normal would indicate that your normal is strange, so getting accusation of acting normal is confirmation that you are not. I would be rather relieved of never being accused of acting normal.

That logic is severely aberrated and deviant. Is that (your) normal? >;-p

...maybe... ;-)

LOL, I am not convinced we are all crazy! ;)

I had to ask a few people but it was confirmed that absolutely ALL motors are now mechanically wound and NOT by hand! They are after all trying to mass produce the Model S as apposed to the hand build Roadsters.

Better let Infiniti/Nissan know:

Lots of others. Standard high-quality technique.

I'm just the messenger, please don't shoot! :)

..for small number of items. For mass-production you need machines to do the work. I believe machines can do better job than humans, if you just put some effort in designing such a device and Tesla has some very high quality brains in its team so if someone can design such a device they can.

My view changed after last weekend's test drive event. Up to that point, I didn't think the Sport package was worth $10k. But after experiencing full throttle starts in both version (one as a driver and one as a ride-along), I'm convinced that the sport-tuned traction control and suspension are worth the money because the car is more stable and responsive, and seemed to corner better too. And while the difference in acceleration is not that great, rumor has it that the Model S Sport is faster than even the Roadster between 50-90 mph!

Jack Bowers

The illustrations I've seen of the two show hand-wound get far more copper into the stator, up to 100%. Much more powerful.

A few thousand over the course of a year is not mass-production in any serious sense. If there's enough pay-off, there's no problem in making as many as you want by any technique you want.

E.g. for wind turbines:

Presto Wind(TM) units are more efficient because they contain about 2 times more copper than other brands. We spare no expense when designing and building our high quality generators.

Oops. Wrong image URL. Re-post (left is hand, right is machine):


On the left: Our hand wound stator --- On the right: A machine wound brand with 50% less copper

But are these Tesla wound motors? Apples to apples!!

@Brian H: are you suggesting no reasonable machine could wind a motor and get specs as good as the hand-wound motor?

@JackB. Thx for that info. Really helpful.

Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting. There is an ability to "optimize on the fly" that a skilled human has that robots do not yet possess.

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