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Model S vs Model S Performance (price difference)

I was playing around on the design studio and was comparing pricing. I found that the performance is just under $10,000 more for essentially the same car.

The only real differences I found are:
The performance has a spoiler. (I don't if I have a spoiler either way)
The tire color is difference, but still both are still performance. (Black on performance, gray on "standard")
The seat has red pin stripping on the performance. (another feature I don't really need)

Am I missing something or are these the only real differences for $10,000 more. If that is the case I would take the "standard" over the performance.



I agree. Let's get this thread back on track and stop the motor winding chatter. For me the extra performance is definitely worth it. I think everyone buying this car at the early adopter stage is paying more for "transportation" than is justified based purely upon comparative metrics to other, basic transportation. Also, I keep seeing $10K put forth as the upgrade cost, but it is really less than that if you were already planning to opt for some of the options included in the performance version cost. I am P#1117 and I just wish I could get a little better feel for when I might see delivery of my new Performance version. I haven't even been contacted yet to order.

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