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Model S wait gone up??

Has the model S wait time gone up recently? Its Mid May - S60/S85 is showing Sept (no early or late indication) and P85 is late Aug. Seems like at least 2 weeks increase from recent past or am I not remembering it right?

What date did you confirm?

It goes up and down all the time as they launch new overseas markets on the one hand, and increase production capacity on the other hand. Also there is a 2 week manufacturing line shutdown starting July 1st to reconfigure the line for higher throughput.

Yes, I have been waiting for August delivery date to roll in to coincide with my other car's lease return and saw that August delivery lasted only a few days and now my order is late August.

I think cars shipping to China/Europe might be resulting in delay.
Good news for investors, not so much for new buyers in the US line...

Production in the first month - six weeks of the quarter goes into the overseas pipeline so it can be delivered by end of quarter.

Then the rest of the quarter is US delivery so that it too can be delivered by end of quarter.

That's interesting because folks who confirmed a week ago (up to VIN 45000) are still being promised June delivery. It could be that with the shutdown and overseas pipeline fill, there will be very few cars delivered in July. Much like it was in January.

Yes, it appears wait times have increased. The MS order page has changed since I last checked it. Instead of the monthly wait verbage at the bottom of each model offering, it now displays September as the estimated delivery date for the MS60 and 85 and late August for the P85 in the Order section. All of these wait times are much longer than I've seen, at least before June 2012...

I'm glad I got mine in under the wire with a late April confirmation and late June delivery date. I suspect there's about to be a big wave of people like myself that were just a little bit cautious to see how things played out before jumping aboard, regardless how much I wanted. Just wish I had placed my order back before the prices went up. But maybe they'll go up again if demand is high …

I waited 93 days for my Model S 85 from the day I confirmed the order (11/29/13) until it was delivered (3/2/14). It was the longest wait I've ever experienced. But, it sure was worth it!

@shop where did you hear the shutdown of factory to reconfigure. I'm due third week of July. I hate to be the guinea pig

@Kimscar - 10 days shutdown in July announced in the 1Q conference call.

Wait times going up I can believe. For 15 months my MS was the only one at my work location ( about 2000 folks ), 3 weeks ago we got 3 more and Friday a week ago 2 told me they had placed the order and last week 2 folks talked to me to answer some questions before they order. In my little world it is like breeding rabbits this year... I'll guess we'll end up with 10-15 by end the of 2014.

During the Q1 earnings call, Elon mentioned Tesla had already sold all of the cars they could make during Q2. And of course they'll take the factory offline for a few days to reconfigure it to make cars with steering wheels on the right.

My present self is slapping my past self for waiting so long to order, while my future self is driving around with a giant tesla grin


Seems like the window for a Q2 delivery is gone. My guess is cars ordered from now through the end of July will be delivered in Q3, with most of those deliveries coming in September.

I think US wait times will go up a bit from where they have been - China shipments and July shutdown.


Yes, in the Q2 Q and A Elon mentioned the July - 2 Week shutdown, but where did you hear July 1st?


China and factory robots upgraded in July.

I confirmed May 11 and my dashboard is still showing late June delivery


Which model did you order?

I confirmed P85 on May 13 and my dashboard shows late August delivery! Wonder why? Incredible how confirming two days later ended up to be two months later :(((

It might not have been July 1st, I can't recall exactly. Pretty sure it was July though. The shutdown isn't for RHD, it is to reconfigure line for faster throughput.

Don't mean to rub it in but I finalized on 3/7 and picked up my P85+ 3/29, the shortest wait I know of.

You lie like a rug. Rubbing hard ... ? >;)

Nothing wrong with 3 weeks delivery if Carlk had waived the 2 weeks finalizing period and picked up his P85+ from the factory back in March. Just in time to push end of quarter number.

It is a different story now with non US deliveries as priority.

I configured my same car this morning that I did a year ago. I would pay around 8K more and I'd get it at the end of August. That's over three months and that's for a priority P85.

I'd have a couple features I don't have (carbon fiber spoiler, alcantara headliner, auto-close mirrors) but I think I'm happy with what I have.

I had no idea the wait was three months now.

Looks like the spring buying season is in full swing.

Demand is Definitely UP.


Thanks Shop...

We're scheduled to take delivery at the end of July and our DS is currently working to find out the dates of the line upgrade. I'll post when I learn the dates -

Good thing I skipped the 2 week period. Finalized on May 10....My Tesla just has an ominous July written as delivery date....early July, late July....who knows. Sales guy told me could be end of June when I was placing the order. I'm already having a tough time...waiting into August would have been hard

Wow @mayfield302 seems is confirming that P85 is late Aug delivery.
I wonder if based on the delay we can estimate the number being shipped worldwide...
It would still be a rough estimate - typical analyst type call it may be up or it may be down but we are sure of it :-)


Ours is an S85 with fairly stripped down options (MC red/tan leather/pano/tech/rear seats). Just checked dashboard again - late June delivery to St Louis service center. But I don't know how accurate that is..haven't touched base with my delivery specialist.

@Mathew98 Exactly. Timing is everything. I suspected that too when the DS informed me that the delivery date will be 3/31, the last day of the quarter, and later moved up to 3/29 when production completed early. It helped too that I had a factory delivery and a pretty loaded MS.

@Brain H I did say it with a straight face.

@dmital001 Someone just mentioned to have an assigned VIN that's 7200 above mine finalized exactly two months after I did. It appears Tesla is receiving orders, or releasing VIN's, way ahead of their stated production capability at this moment.

Looks like its about 6 weeks worth of cars being delivered to the non-US customers and that's all for Q3 delivery.
I would guess (pure guess) that a substantial number of those are to china - 3500?? Any other guesses/more informed numbers?

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