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Model S weekend at Tesla Fashion Island

Jus received an email about the 4 signature colors being on display on May 4,5, and 6. And a model x to be on display.

The White performance was VIN#53. They said it just came off the line this week.


I think it's the one area of the car that the reps get a the most negative feedback on. These reps are trying to sell a great product, and when faced with an issue that is an obvious blunder, it's just makes it harder to sell, or come up with an excuse why such a great product is missing something that 99% of us expect on any luxury vehicle.

@TikiMan: You're probably right. It is difficult to defend TM's interior design without offering an optional CC.

But let's not debate this whole issue again. Whether it's 50% or 80% or even 99%, there are plenty of reservation holders who really do want the CC accessory. Might be nice for TM to provide a concept drawing for CC accessory, since release is less than 3 months away.

I'm thinking about a second CC design (I posted my first a while back). When I get a chance, I'll draw it up and then post them both again on a new thread for feedback, but only from folks who have interest in a CC. If TM is silent on this issue, I intend to get one of my designs fabricated immediately when I get my car (hopefully, in September).

A couple of additional things came to mind about the Fasion Island visit; Not to bring up the cup holder debate but if there was a cup of coffee in one of the provided holders, I think the drivers elbow would hit the cup. Also, I asked about the front license plate and was told there would be a new piece for the lower portion of the nose that would accommodate the plate in an inset area.

@ddruz, sorry for the late reply, I did not get a chance to sit in the rear seats with the pano roof so I don't know how the headroom compares to the standard roof.

@Capt601 and @ggr: Thanks for checking on the VIN number. I was just curious as people seemed to be discovering new items in these cars. Now it makes more sense. And a performance model. Too bad I couldn't attend.

glunky. The last two VIN #s on the White Performance "S" were "53."

That's "newbies" and "claustrophobic"! Heh.

Consoles and flats seem to be topics of some controversy both here and within Tesla. Be interesting to see how it all comes down.

I am surprised that the highest-priced Signature S Performance at $98K does not include the Panoramic glass top. The top of the line car typically has all the options available.Why isn't it the case for this model car?

Obvious answer is obvious, bnwdon: Because some people don't want the UV hit of an all glass roof, but do want the performance.

Now a more interesting question: what do you think of people who downgrade the wheels that come with the Performance or Signature to 19" but don't get anything back from the downgrade?

Yes Jason....I know it's not for everybody. But the point is, with such a high price point it has to have everything available. If, however, someone doesn't like it, he can opt for it not to be installed, simple as that. It is made to order, anyhow.


I can attest that some of us are still on the fence with the pano-roof option. I have owned a several vehicles with a 'moon-roof', and during summer with 100+ temps, it can really be annoying even with the 97% UV block tint.
With that said, it's still better as an option, than standard equipment. Besides the fact, none of us know what the pull-over shade will look like, or how it will work. The reps are saying that is will most likely be similar to a spring-loaded pull-out vinyl (I assume from the rear seat forward).
Also, I am curious how much extra weight is added to the car with the pano-roof. Remember, glass and the motor can’t be lighter than the aluminum-alloy roof and a bit of cloth padding, etc. Thus with more weight, comes less power and battery life.


So far, I have only sat in a Beta with the pano-roof option with the car indoors. None of the Betas to my knowledge have the shade installed and the reps I spoke to (Florida and New York) had no information on what it would look like, materials, color, etc. All we know is that it is a manual shade. I love the look of the Pano-roof but I am also concerned about glare and heat penetration. I often drive with the shade covering my sunroof because of the glare or because of the heat build-up. The pano-roof also has three sections. One over the front passenger seat (this is the portion of the roof that opens), one section over the second row seats (does not open) and one section that is the rear hatch (this has a defroster built in). I assume the cover is going to cover the front two sections (not the large section that acts as the rear hatch). I don't see how one cover can work for the two front sections as ther is a metal strip that divides them. Perhaps two sliding covers? I, like you, need to know more and see the roof when the car is parked outside in the sun. I hope Tesla is very close to releasing these details!!!


I asked about the manual shade for the pano-roof when visiting the Santana Row store a few weeks ago. The rep told me that it would be two sliding covers which would come out of the cross bar between the front and rear glass panels. So, the front cover would slide from the middle toward the front window and the rear cover would slide from the middle toward the rear hatch.

I am looking forward to seeing them in action.




At the event in Fashion Island last weekend, all the S's were outside, and although it was a very comfortable high 60 degree day (maybe 75-80 in the sun), one rep did say that while inside the one beta S with the pano-roof in the closed position, he could still feel some heat on the seats with direct sun-light. I had to take his word, as by the time I arrived the cars were mostly under shade.

Also, while sitting in the one with the pano-roof open, although it is a large opening compared to most moon-roof's, it is still far from a real 'convertible' experience, and I suspect there will be a great deal of glare problems on the two screens, when driving in full sun during different times of the day (I had a similar issue with my last Infinity, when the moon-roof was open).


Your comments are so spot on about Fashion Island. I had to show my girlfriend your post. I was there all 3 days because I can’t still make a decision with what combination I want to go with. I must have mentioned a few times.. Wow what recession??No one here is taking a hit. I don’t know why I don’t go there more often. Such eye candy! :)

Yeah, all the light, SW or IR, getting thru is going to generate some heat, and if it's a closed container, that heat will build up somewhat. Seems to me the best solution is the electronic opaquing system. Plus ventilation, of course.

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