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Model S wider than a 7 series?

I just saw the Model S in the Santana row today. While I was very enthusiastic, my wife commented on how the car looks too wide. Indeed, the width of this car is better than a 7 series or an S class. That, and the square edges in the cabin are off putting, at best. Also there seems to be no single sunroof with shade option. I am not sure about the ergonomics of an entirely touch based console. The showroom guy said they are working on adding hard buttons to the steering wheel to control the console... I am unconvinced, somehow. I am used to the superb ergonomics of my TSX and the 3 series (except for the climate controls in the 3) and a finicky touch control has driven me crazy many a times ( in my droid-x, example)

While I love this car for it's unique propulsion, balance, super fast acceleration, and ecological responsibility some details are a little jarring for a car that fancies itself in the company of 5 series, E class, etc.

Why did they have to make the car so damn wide?

Thanks, gregv4, 5.6 sure sounds a lot more acceptable.

Without mirrors is maybe the best comparable for parking

E350 is 75.9
S is 77.3
5 Series is 73.2
Camry is 71.7
Panamera is 76

my current SUV Tribeca is 73.9

CX-9 is 76.2

So Model S is very wide but I think I can manage + or - 2 inches on each side


I agree with you...while there is ZERO chance the width will keep me from getting the S, it does give me pause. Every time I park my skinny Prius it a tight spot I think, there's no way I'll park my S here. And I'm really worried about parking at the Mall, etc...

I think I'll become one of those driver who park real far from the entrance, all buy themselves.

And then unload your electric bike from the back to reach the store. ;)

trydesky - Exactly, I'm already thinking based on where I'm going and need to park, which car shall I bring?

so, now that much time has passed. Can anyone confirm width of Model S, regardless of mirrors. What is the width of the car at the rear wheels?


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