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Model X Falcon doors in the rain...

It's been raining an awful lot in NYC these past few weeks, I am wondering how these doors perform in the rain...With regular doors, you can pop an umbrella up. squeeze out and quickly close the door, but with the MX back doors, although you get protected from the rain it seems to me that there is a lot of opportunity for water to get in especially if the rain is accompanied with wind. Since I have not seen any data from Tesla on this, does anyone have info on this concern?

" if the rain is accompanied with wind"

You'll get wet anyway if there is significant wind. (And the car too with regular doors. )

For rain coming straight down, you can click your umbrella up in front/behind the falcon doors while standing under the door, protected by the rain.

There is no information on your concern yet and you will need to wait until customer's have experience with these various conditions to determine if the Falcon doors perform better, worse or the same as regular doors.

However, I suspect that the Falcon doors will be easier to manage in heavy rain than any other doors out there. I can imagine getting the umbrella ready and as the falcon doors raise, you can open the umbrella in the direction of the wind. The Falcon doors will cover you from above and your umbrella can take care of any side rain from heavy winds.

Until Tesla gets these in consumer's hands, we won't know for certain.


The question from OP wasn't whether the person will get more wet with Falcon than side swingers, but will the interior of the car get drenched. In a side rain, more interior area is exposed with falcon, so....

The car is likely going to get less wet, but you will really have to see for yourself.

Minivans have had wide, sliding doorways for a couple of decades or more. People still buy them, even though the wide openings are now on both sides of the vehicle. They used to be only on the passenger side, as was the case with full sized vans. People have largely felt tht the added utility greatly outweighed any poor weather concerns when it came to those dual sliding doors. It will be much the same with Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors. No one would ever go back to a minivan design with only a passenger side sliding door.

@Red Sage That's a great point. Well said.

Red Sage +1 - great point.

I see little or no difference between the size of the opening with a falcon door than with a minivan. In fact, the raised falcon door will protect you from rain/snow much more than the minivan door.

@Red Sage
Please stop being so level headed. These common sense and compelling examples will serve no purpose other than convincing people that the Falcon doors are just fine and will remove a great source of comedy for the rest of us. what is the symbol for just kidding? :), ;) or |)?

You can use j/k, or ;p (raspberry), too. Or :D or ;D (laughing).

Which would you rather stand beside in the rain: a door that swings forward, or up?

One concern I have is how much dirty water will drip from the door when you open it (not into the car but on the passangers getting out), and also how they will work in strong wind (like a storm).

jjs: I can't help it. My heroes are Spock and Doctor Who. ;-D

"What's the point of being a grownup if you can't be childish from time-to-time?" -- Tom Baker as DOCTOR WHO

The first time people see the X's doors extend up they will be in awe and realize that the car they have now is inferior and ancient in design. Tesla will sell all they can make for years, all around the world.

During snowstorms you'll have to shovel all that snow that gets inside. Damn falcon doors.

I'm pretty sure that having sliding or swinging doors doesn't make vehicles immune to snowfall.

At least with a roof rack you could pick up your cross country skis and have some fun!!

In the type of snow pictured in all but the first photo, no one is going anywhere, and doors as well as skis would not prove very helpful. Snow shoes on the other hand may get you somewhere.

LeonardD noted, "In the type of snow pictured in all but the first photo, no one is going anywhere..."

Precisely my point. In an actual snowstorm, I'd be in the house, next to a roaring fire, reading a book, and enjoying a nice cognac. And I don't even drink. One glass would last me weeks, so I wouldn't be going anywhere at all.

In Southern California you can't shovel sunshine, but I remember real weather. Walking around a building with the wind in your face, no matter which direction you went around... sideways rain... ice, snow, sleet, rain, icicles... frozen pipes. I have nothing to prove. Mother nature wins.

But I also know that when you gotta go, you gotta go. And you know full well that there will be mud, and rain, and ice, and slush, and puddles, and snow -- getting into the car, and getting out of the car. That's the facts, Jack. Can't be avoided, unless you have an enclosed garage on both ends of your trip. Which is beyond rare.

So really, there is no reason to bother worrying over the performance of the Falcon Wing Doors on the Tesla Model X during inclimate weather conditions. The same will happen with this vehicle as every other you have used. Stuff will get wet, things will be ruined, people will be miserable. If you want to avoid all that, you can always move to Los Angeles. Worked for me.

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