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Motor Trend Car of The Year 2013 on Monday Nov 12

Here is a teaser of the 2013 Motor Trend Car of The Year. I watched the whole 10 minutes looking for the Tesla and I was not disappointed. It was the last car they talked about and given the field, it should easily be Motor Trend's COTY 2013.

Good Luck Tesla!

Here is the link to the video.

Well, they're over 200/wk now, and about 2½ wks from 400/wk, which is >20,000 yr. Unless new reservations exceed that, they will begin eating into the backlog total. If it gets down to 5200 and holds, that will be 3 months delivery at that rate. So watch for that number.

Which brings up a point about promo. To reduce backlog, production must exceed new orders for some time. As they approach that breakeven point, they will need to boost orders, which means starting to advertise.

How soon does everyone think that will happen? My guess is Q4, 2013. At the soonest.

Take that Mitt Romney. I guess our government is not the only one capable of picking winners!!!


My expectation is that when there are several thousand cars on the road the people are showing their neighbours, co-workers, and random folks in parking lots reservations will take another uptick. I can't see the need to advertise for quite a while.

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