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Motor Trend: Model S most important car since Ford Model T

Didn't see it posted anywhere else so here it is:

Same day MT will announce its Car of the Year there is a Tesla event being scheduled. Chance or staged? (pbrulott)


If the focus of the event is opening up some Superchargers in the Northeast it's chance. If the MT car of the year is also mentioned, it's a combination.

Considering that MT called the S the Most Important Car Since The Model 'T', I don't see how they can logically NOT make it also their COTY. In the summary comments on the voting page, the "Didn't Like" was just that the styling was rather 'safe'. They must have a jerry3 on staff!

Brian, not to split hairs, but I think the Model T comparison was posed as a question or possibility, not a fact.

True -- but even raising it as a serious possibility raises the MS far above the ICE cars. Can you imagine any other car warranting the label?

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