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MS Radio Antenna Stinks?

While I don't listen to a lot of FM radio, I have noticed, that side by side with my wife's Mercedes, radio station reception is demonstrably worse for my Model S. I mean having the cars sit side by side in my driveway, one main radio station played in my MS is horrible and static while my wife's plays clear....anyone else notice this?

Looks like the site admins have opened up a big can of Troll-Be-Gone. Nick seems to have been purged from this thread.

thanks for the update, I happened to email my local service rep last night asking about the antenna, i'll report back what she writes me as well...

I was wondering if NNT was (somehow) deleting his more outlandish postings (presumably out of embarrassment at his own idiocy), or if the site administrators we deleting them (probably because we flagged them inappropriate). I favor the later. I don't think he is clever enough to censor himself, after the fact.

Both my AM and FM reception are really good.

My FM reception seems fine. I pull in all the stations that I am familiar with, with good reception. My XM radio reception is also just fine. It drops out on the northside of tall buildings and northside of steep hills, and occasionally under a heavy overhead bridge. However, this is no different than my XM reception on my Honda Accord or S2000. I don't see any problem. I have not really tested AM reception, which tends to be noisy anyway.

troll alert

You can't delete your own post. I think we are killing off the nnt posts by flagging everything he does as innappropriate. It is working! Looks like they pulled down the nnt private post. Too bad, it was fun provoking... but time to grow up.

Its true NNT, that's kind of your nail in the coffin, you can't delete your own posts, and there are many i have posted where I wish I could...the jig is up :)

No problem with FM here. Get better reception than my Buick. P2884.


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