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Multi-Coat Red...Too Flashy?

I apologize for this being not only a subjective post but also a personal one. Like I'm sure most of you did, I am agonizing over every option choice, but most of all, what color to pick. I'm deciding between gray, pearl white, and red (will be P85 with gray 21's and tan interior). I absolutely love the red. It is stunning, but I'm worried it may send the wrong message for me. I'm a relatively young (32) entrepreneur and am concerned a bright red $100k+ car may send the wrong message to my staff. I am not a flashy guy at all, and never considered a red car before I saw the MS. I know the car attracts attention anyway, but do I want the extra attention (cops?) from the red? I know all colors are beautiful, so at the end of the day there is no wrong choice. Am I being crazy? Did anyone else struggle with this? Any red owners have thoughts?

Thank you all for being a tremendous community and educating me the past year.

If you really like the Red please get the Red. I went through the same thing as you are right now and got the silver. But then I saw a Red and thought "Man, life is too short to be worrying about what other people think or might think! Red is freaking awesome!!!" I played it safe... not proud of that. Objects that we own only speak about our taste and expression. Our cars don't necessarily mean that we want to call attention to ourselves. We just like Red! What's wrong with that? The Model S is one of the few cars I've ever liked in Red. If that's your favorite do it!! ;-)

I did, though I am 41 :)

I had a brown car until one hour before the order was finalized. Watched a YouTube video on someone with the red car and made the change! My wife hates red so it was tough, but I am THRILLED with the color. It is a car where people take pictures of you while driving, while parked, anywhere, red or not, it is a Tesla and for awhile that is enough that your employees will notice either way.

Next July I'm going for Red. Color is very subjective so you should get the color you like. I've seen the red at the Brea Mall in Calif. I want the car to stand out and red does that. I'm sure it will stand out for the police also. I think each individual just needs to pick the color they like, especially when your spending that much money.

50+ and the red is just fine. MS #1 was silver as the red was not shipping. The roadster red is flashy (my preference) while the MS red is a good understated sedan red.

Thank you guys for the feedback. I keep trying to talk myself into the red but something keeps holding me back. Hearing these stories really help.

Agree with Tomas. The only reason I didn't get the red was that I didn't want to wait till March when the color was made available. I got the black in January. I'm really jealous of the those with the red. I'm not a flashy person either. Go for it!

Getting the Red, based on what you said above, would be a statement about how secure you are about yourself. Not getting it would be putting other people's opinions before your own.

I saw a guy in his 40s with his family happily driving the Red and the last thing in my mind was that he was trying to get noticed. What I thought was, man, that guy chose the color I wanted! Good for him!


I'm almost in the same boat as you. Until this morning I had my Model S configured in Silver. I currently drive an LS460 in Matador Red (which I absolutely LOVE!!!) I was at the Port St. Lucie supercharger grand opening yesterday and there were quite a few Signature Reds and current Reds there, so I was able to compare all three side by side (so to speak). I prefer the Signature Red, but as we all know, it is not available any longer. This morning I changed my configuration to the Red. It has grown on me, and as TomasT has said, I'll probably regret any other color if I choose it. I say go for it!

I have the red P85 & it is stunning. I'm not a black interior guy, but the black seats with the red piping sets the rest of the car off. I tries to get them to put the red piping on the grey or tan interior & was told no.

Should be "tried".

Agree red is stunning - Grey Performance wheels complete the look.

I was going to get the red. I would NEVER buy a red car but the MS red is so damn beautiful.

In the end it was just too flashy for me. Ticket magnet, object of lust and desire. Attention seeking.

I eventually pulled the trigger on my second favorite color: grey.

Maybe I'll get the Model X in red ;-)

I am like you in that I have usually had black cars with the occasional white or silver thrown in when I was feeling wild. My wife talked me into the looking at blue or the the MC Red and after seeing an MC Red in the wild.

I have no regrets--it a beautiful car and the the red emphasizes that. That being said, color is personal and you need to feel comfortable every time you climb into your car and not cringe.

One final thought--red can also mean other things like being bold and aggressive, which are also not bad characteristics for an entrepreneur.

Good luck either way,


I would not worry about what "statement" the car makes. Get the color YOU like - your staff and clients probably interpret less into your color choice than you do.

Sam, Gray is my 2nd choice as well!

I think at this time some attention should be paid to TrikinCurt who got red even though his wife hates red.

Talk about not caring what other people think.

Good luck with that.

Jtodman: "I think at this time some attention should be paid to TrikinCurt who got red even though his wife hates red.
Talk about not caring what other people think.
Good luck with that."

LOL Bravest man here. A national hero, if you ask me.

+1 to "I think at this time some attention should be paid to TrikinCurt who got red even though his wife hates red."

My wife is trying to CONVINCE me to get the red.

J, then it's no longer your choice, you got to go with red, or you'll never hear the end of it... :)

Well, my boss, aka da wife put it in no uncertain terms that she prohibits me from getting the MC red due to the potential risk of getting tickets and extra unwanted attention.

I got the MC red anyway. Sometime in life you just have to go with whatever that will make you happy.

For me, I will have to live with the color decision for the next decade or two. I had cars with beige, light blue, green, and emerald blue color twice.

None of my previous car DESERVE to be in the bright multi-color red that MS offers.

In regards to the myth of getting tickets due to the bright color, it is just a myth. You'll get a ticket for speeding regardless of what color car you drive. Get the color you like and stick to within 5-10 mph of speed limit and you'll be fine (pun intended).

Cruise control is your friend. Try and use it sometime.

OT a little bit, how many MS drivers have gotten tickets where the exterior color is not red?

"I got the MC red anyway."
LOL ... and good for you!

Matthew98 deserves some sort of award!

@Jrettinger - No rewards necessary. The boss agrees with my decision after several weeks of ownership. So do all my neighbors and other random pedestrians and drivers.

Oh yeah, my car gets lots of attention. It might even help me delay the mid life crisis...

FYI, I still have a full head of hair. I will dread the day my hair migrate south and to the wrong side of the neighborhood...

I have owned many cars. I have a S85 in red and love it. I had angst about the red before it was delivered. No angst now for the first red car I have owned

The day of my road test, I haad in my mind multicoated white with tan interior, I change my mind for multi coated red with black interior and I'm so HAPPY. Incredible look, it goes with the style of the car.

The "ticket magnet" is an old urban legend. Ask a few cops.

I've got the red with black interior and obeche gloss--it is a very complex sophisticated red which looks radically different between day & night and in different lighting. You will not be disappointed.

We discussed the red for 2 hours at Menlo Park. Took the sample outside, different lighting and shading. Were not that thrilled with it, but weren't crazy about other choices.

Decided to chance it - even though it meant waiting a few extra months.

Our first sighting was when we stepped into the factory (tour) during delivery. Absolutely speechless!! Reds everywhere.

Thanks Elon, for working hard to get the color right!

It still amazes me to watch it coming down the street and turning into MY driveway when she brings it home.

I didn't even tell my wife I was buying a new car until I confirmed my order (no backing out now). I was set on the Pearl White, but the red was saying: pick me! Got the red one with black interior. Confirmed on July 6th, pickup scheduled for Aug 3rd. Can't wait!

definitely concern yourself less with what others think and go with what is "talking" to you in terms of color. that said, I configured for red originally (life is too short, etc etc) but elected to go with the MC blue which I love. turns out that the lipstick red simply wasn't for me. would have preferred a deeper tone, more akin to the signature burgundy.

that said, you can't go wrong. you will swiftly car more about the way the car drives, the gas you won't be using, and the overall attention you're going to get from the car regardless of the color.

Doug 85/blue,tan,21,roof

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