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My Garage Status Changes

Does anyone know what the various statuses in the My Garage page change to as your order gets processed?

After my pre-MVPA was all signed, it went from "Reserved" to "The Tesla Factory is building your Model S".

Then, last week it changed to "Your order has been submitted to the Tesla factory".

Today, it says "The Tesla Factory is building your Model S" again.

It seems like the status backtracked then went forward again. I'm just curious as to what it's supposed to progress to next, all the way up until I get my car.

40/std white/black/piano/19”/tech/air
reserved 2/22, signed pre-MVPA 2/22
#19,448. Est delivery May/Jun.


I wouldn't pay too much attention to the status bar. The "factory is building your car" was still on our page for about a month or so after delivery. I was hoping there was a glitch and we were getting two :)

@rebeccap88 The same thing happened to me (there's another thread about it somewhere) and I called Tesla. It doesn't mean anything about the progress, there are just default messages that go there. There is no message that will show progression. If you're curious about where your car is in the process, call Tesla and ask. They're quite friendly and will give you a quick answer...Others have said the anwers change frequently, but so far, I've been lucky with an end of April date for completion and early May for delivery. (Finalized March 21, 2013 for 60 kWH).

There really, in my experience, are only three states:

Factory is Building

The exact wording of the second state may may have changed, but basically all it implies is you have signed the Pre-MVPA and are "in line" waiting for your car. Don't read much (anything) into it is all I am saying.

Thanks guys. I'm definitely not getting my hopes up too soon. I was just curious :)

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