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My Model S has become quieter.

Today, I got my S tinted (all windows, even the front windshield, but no pano roof). As I was marveling at the suddenly comfortable environs inside when outside temps reached 86F, I thought I heard the radio louder and clearer. Then, I noticed that it wasn't the radio, but the car. Somehow, tinting with 3M crystalline, which is supposed to be thicker than regular film, and supposedly made of lots and lots of individual layers of film pressed together to make a single sheet, seems to dampen the higher frequency noise.

Velo, feel free to jump in with your thoughts on this.

This is, of course, empirical. I am actually kinda picky and sensitive to road noise, but not to the extent of say, Blubrd who ranted in his thread about the net rigor noise levels in the S. I feel, after 3 more test drives today over familiar roads I travel on every day, that the S has become quieter, may be by as much as 20% or so.

Any others who feel tinting has dampened the road noise? Anyone willing to do tests (before/after)? ;-) I was too lazy to do it.


I don't know if there are any after-market window coatings or whatever specifically designed to make windows quieter. I think it's just an inherent side-effect from using certain types of materials for tinting purposes.

There is a company that makes Dynamat, which is a whole line of constrained-layer dampening products for placing on the inside of body panels in order to significantly reduce noise.

Many of those products are also effective thermal barriers. I recommended the product to some Roadster owners who had complained about how cold the footwells could get in the winter. I don't know if they ever tried it, but I'm sure it would have helped if they did.

You can also use those products to improve DIY speakers, to strengthen the wall area around an in-wall speaker, to put on duct work to make your home HVAC system quieter, on the sides of your clothesdryer for the same reason, etc. Pretty awesome stuff.

You can buy it online from Crutchfield and probably Best Buy.

However, Dynamat products are opaque, so it's no good for windows. Last I checked, they didn't make anything for windows.

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