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My Texas Supercharger Adventure

Last weekend, I went on a 965-mile 36-hour "tour" of the brand-new Tesla Suerpcharger Network in Texas. I set out on Friday afternoon from Shreveport, LA, supercharged for the very first time in Corsicana, TX, took in a "Trombone Shorty" concert in Dallas, overnighted in Waco, stopped at a mall in San Marcos, ate some fabulous barbeque in Lockhart (The Barbeque Capital), had dinner with a friend in Houston, and also did some international grocery shopping for my wife in Houston, before making it back to Shreveport that night. Along the way, besides charging in Corsicana, I also charged in Waco, San Marcos, Columbus, and Huntsville. I was very impressed with the ease and speed of charging at Tesla superchargers (400V / 300 A DC-to-DC; it exceeded my expectations for eventual cross-country travel. However, I am still not sure why Tesla has completely ignored the I-20 and soon-to-be-extended I-49 corridors. You know, the 9 million people in the Dallas-Ft. Worth and Houston metropolitan areas do travel east and north too. It's not just all about the coastline and central population areas, y'all.

First off--sounds like a fantastic excursion!

Our town has been very pro-active about lobbying the SC build group to site a SC here. TM has verbally expressed their appreciation and remarked that it makes a difference to them. Little is etched in stone and they are continually strategizing about their choices and priorities. I think people's energy could be used far more efficiently in communicating with the supercharger task force than whining about tentative maps. (I'm not suggesting that you're whining, btw--it's just a recurring theme here.)

BTW, it's more like 14 million people who now live in the Dallas Fort-Worth and Houston areas (I used older population statistics for those fast growing areas in my original post, above). Dallas people do indeed want to drive their Teslas to Atlanta, and Houston residents do want to drive to Chicago. I know that just by the Plug Share requests I get to charge at my house in Shreveport.

Send Tesla a log of those requests.

I really don't understand Telsa's supercharger rollout plan. It doesn't seem to be as helpful as it could be. This month, for example, they announced the opening of two stations that are less than 50 miles apart from each other (Mishawaka, IN and St. Joseph, MI). Meanwhile, Memphis and St. Louis are still devoid of any superchargers at all. I especially cannot understand St. Louis. This is one of the most centrally located cities in America, and yet it does not get the priority. It seems to me like Mishawaka would have been enough to handle the Chicago-Detroit route and another extraneous turnpike traffic for now. Someone, please explain the logic to me here. Are west-coast people geographically impaired or what?

Kinda depends on the efficiency/accommodations of the governing agencies, some help, some hinder - after visually making a cursory inspection of the Gilroy expansion, it seems like the task is bigger than one would expect and thus more efficient to have the same crews repeat rather than have different crews reinvent the wheel so to speak - so as with everything Tesla, patience is a virtue and well rewarded - is suspect that beyond the rollout based on permitting it may also be based on geography - why start a tough project in winter, or bounce around from state to state - I read an SA blog that mentioned 39 SC's but Tesla still shows 37, maybe that will change today -

Texas has been pretty unfriendly to Tesla in terms of restricting them from selling cars.

Just tell everyone you know in Texas to buy a model S and you'll get more Superchargers.

See California and Norway.

The more noise you and other owners in TX make, the more they'll need and want to help.


The dots for St Joseph MI and Rapid City SD are missing but their locations are in the listing below the map. So it seems 39 is the offical-unoffical open count, just not quite updated as of this posting.

Thanks and Cheers


@Bsalvato, it's really obvious from the latest supercharger map. Tesla's supercharger rollout plan: 1. Do west coast. 2. Do east coast. Simultaneously, 3. Get Elon across the US. 4. Other (further planning needed).

Not hard to understand. It may not meet your needs or mine (well, it meets mine because I'm in Chicago) but easy to grok.

I've been "whining" about I20 for months. @Bsalvato I may come avail myself of your HPWC someday:) Is it 80A rated or do ya still have the 100A fuses? Heck Shreveport would be an excellent spot for a SC!

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