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Nano Steel---Is it a realistic subsitute for Aluminum and a possilbe addition to the Tesla Line of Autos?

Tesla Staff and Fans:

GM has apparently invested in Nano Steel. NS claims that they can drop the weight by several hundred pounds on a typical car----and have a stronger and better molded product.

Tesla---have you considered NS and would they work on a innovation/partnership with Tesla---supplying Tesla with material that could be used to create a NS model S---as an example.

True---many aspects would need to be considered and run thru engineering/supply chain/budgeting---but NS might have advantages for the entire Tesla line for the future.

"...can drop the weight by several hundred pounds on a typical car" Typical being steel? So how about compared to the ALUMINUM based Model S body?

I have a feeling that Elon, making spacecrafts, has a pretty good idea of what will be strong and light enough for his needs. He may very well have his eye on this material for the future generation of Tesla BEVs.


Aluminum is 1/3rd the weight of steel. So several hundred pounds of weight will not cut it for this car. Modern steel can be amazingly rust resistent on cars compared to where we were in the 70's, but we won't have rust to contend with in an aluminum car.

Thanks, that is what I thought as well but you put it into words much better then I did... :) My failed attempt at some sarcasm on a thread... :D

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