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Natick, MA town hall meeting to allow sale of Teslas on Monday!

I hope local Tesla owners/enthusiasts/shareholders show up to this 7pm town hall meeting in droves.

Remember, the auto dealer lobby is rallying hard against this.

Spread the word!

Remote support from CA. Hope you win!

Well let's hope Tesla wins. Unfortunately, I'm in WA state!

Hopefully someone tweets it out to Tesla supporters in the MA area. I'd love to imagine a packed room of people demanding Tesla store sales in the mall.

Post on TMC as well please.

Croney Capitalism on full display. The PEOPLE need to let their elected officials know they are watching and VOTING!

I'll be there.

Someone take video of the asshat crumbum car salesman lobby.

Well, oddly, the ***** ****** car salesman lobby wasn't there. Or didn't speak. The Board of Selectmen voted 3-2 to grant Tesla a new dealers' license allowing them to sell cars from the gallery in the Natick Mall.

The Planning Board expects to take the issue of car sales in the mall to Town Meeting (which is the legislative branch of town government), to change the restriction in the zoning by-law on a permanent basis. Tesla only has the right to sell cars in the mall until Town Meeting speaks on the issue. A change in the zoning by-law requires a two-thirds vote at Town Meeting.

It may come before Town Meeting in the fall, or in the spring - not yet known.

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