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National Geographic Tesla Documentary - English

Found the whole 45 minute documentary in English on YouTube. Absolutely awesome!

I still wonder what happened to the broadcast. (I'm working on a Big Oil, Big Car Manufacturer, and Dealership conspiracy theory here :o)

@KevinR - you may be on to something..Shell is a major sponsor

Actually this is the one shown in The Netherlands a few weeks ago. It has Dutch sub-titles. It is covered in another thread. Still a good show, though. I enjoyed seeing it again.

I did air, however, it's not called "Megafactories" in the US, it's called "Ultimate Factories".

Hopefully it will re-air on the National Geograph Channel.

I did look for Ultimate Factories & did not find it airing. When was it on?

Yeah, I've got "Tesla" as a keyword set to auto-record on DirecTV and it didin't pick anything up over the last few days. What gives?

Here in Canada, they were showing megafactories on...Heinekein, Jack Daniels and other breweries. I was disappointed not to see the Tesla episode.

I copied the web address and sent it to a few family members who have teased me about my obsession with this car. They might better understand after watching the documentary. Looking forward to my delivery in February!

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