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Nav system repaired

OK, just got my car back from the Rocklin service center. They updated the software on the car: it's now version 5.0 (1.35.107), as opposed to the 5.0 (1.35.98) in the loaner.

The new software didn't fix the crazy nav system; for that, they completely replaced the MCU, or Media Control Unit, which most of us know as the big 17" touch screen. That fixed everything.

I asked my service advisor how many of these he's seen, and he said mine is the second. When I noted that I thought there would be more, he said he is only responsible for 500 or so cars currently, but even so the problem is apparently quite rare.

So: it's hardware-related, and the fix is a new MCU.

Tesla also proactively applied a fix to the C-pillar chrome trim (Loctite), and fixed my off-center steering wheel.

The Rocklin facility doesn't have any HPWCs yet, and wasn't able to charge my car enough for me to make it back to Reno. I took a 15 mile side trip to the Folsom supercharger and grabbed a quick 100 miles of range in about 20 minutes. I wanted to grab some Tesla goodies (a hat, maybe) but they don't have any apparel yet either, sigh.

Overall, a good experience with quick a competent service. Plus, I love the drive through the mountains.

Let this be a lesson to all about the misrepresentation of problems on this forum. You'd think thousands of cars were affected by the nav problem. Mine is fine and two weeks old.

So, yours is the one. :-).

What? An SC with no swag? All its management should be replaced in a Vertical Stroke! >;(

Mine is also broken since delivery 1 month ago. I insisted that the SC replace my MCU after reading it was the fix on this forum. They're doing it tomorrow!

My car with 5.0 is 3 weeks old and the GPS constantly bugs out after ~2 minutes of use. Hard turns in particular screw it up, causing it to loose all sense of direction, regenerating tiles and always providing wrong directions.

The Fremont SC said they need to replace the Media Control Unit. Currently waiting for the part to be delivered to the SC.

Great to hear there is a solution. I hope they can identify any faulty units they have in stock so my nav will be trouble free when they build my car in a couple of weeks!

Still being bugs worked out, but I am impressed by Tesla's response!

The technician who picked up my car today to replace the MCU for the Nav problem said they are now "routinely replacing a lot of MCU's whenever a car comes in for service" due to a series of quality issues with the units in the past couple of months. Apparently there are some loose/faulty components in the MCU that cause a variety of problems. He also mentioned loose connectors on the satellite antenna have been seen to cause intermittent loss of XM signals.

Overall this has been frustrating but service has been fantastic about being responsive, over communicating, and answering emails at night and on the weekend. I think service is doing everything they can while the engineers in Freemont work on root cause and figure out how to deploy fixes to the service centers.

I'll update the forum when I get my car back with the new MCU today or tomorrow.

Took delivery of my MS last weekend in Atlanta. Software version 5.0 (1.35.107). Nav system was faulty from the start. I've reported it to my delivery specialist but as yet no word from Tesla.

Thanks for this thread, I will ask them about replacing the MCU.

Service ordered me a new MCU today based on the behavior of the nav system as well.

Had my MCU replaced today. Nav system totally fixed and maps load much more quickly so it seems to have fixed it. I suggest anyone with this problem insists the SC replaces their MCU. Mine hasn't worked since I took delivery a month ago but all is good now.

Brian Todd at the San Diego Service Center is awesome!

Had the nav issue as well on a car delivered 2 weeks ago. Took it to the service center yesterday, got an email an hour ago saying MCU was replaced and that should fix the problem but they want to test drive the car in the morning before handing it back to me.

Also had issues with radio/hd radio reception so hopefully MCU replacement fixed that too.

The service advisor was very cordial and apologetic..but that doesn't make me any less annoyed at the fact that a 100k car was delivered to me without a peep about what was clearly a known issue. They should have delayed delivery if a fix was already in the works....or at least told me about it.

I would have appreciated a ranger visit to come pick up the car....but I had to take time out of my day to drop the car off, and will now waste more time picking it up....all for an issue that shouldn't have been there to begin with.

Today I noticed an annoying rattle coming from the top of the dash on rough roads. I can make it stop by pressing on the top of the dash above the MCU. Sigh. Oh, well, something for the next visit.

Picked mine up September 26th. NAV is working perfectly.

Glad I found this thread - my 3G and Wifi completely died three days after picking up my Model S last week. They didn't know what happened and required me to leave the car overnight and take a loaner. Went back and they had replaced the MCU. Hopefully stays fixed and this isn't another dud one.

Aren't the Model S loaners nice? My wife made me take her QX56 SUV to the dealer and I had to drive the crappy Infiniti econobox around for a few days while they fixed various things. My wife took the Tesla - and proceeded to call it "the golf cart". Ouch. I gotta get her a Model X!

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