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NAV thinks I live somewhere else

Hi all,

Is anyone else having this issue? My NAV (I call her Lola) directs me to a house west of me on the wrong street when I punch in my home address. It is if she thinks my door is on the west part of my property. She takes me to a really nice house, but it just isn't mine. Do you know where I can make a request to fix this in Google maps?



Google Maps is probably not your problem as they are not responsible for TBT navigation routing.

You will want to report the error at this link:

Thanks. I checked there. It seems to have my house in the right place. Are these the guys who handle the turn by turn?

Navigon does the TBT, it is based off Navteq data.

"My NAV (I call her Lola)..."

Whoa! Hey! No need to get to personal here on these forums, please.


We live on a 1-block street. All nav systems we've ever used, including in Model S have us about the same distance from the other end of the block. It appears they just guessed on the direction of the house numbers. It has been several years. I will search for NavTeq and see if they will correct.

NavTeq has our house exactly where it should be - yet every GPS we've ever used has it wrong!

The nav is correct. You have someone elses car.

@olanmills - My wife and I call our of our NAVs Lola. I couldn't tell you why. :)

@jubunn - You might be right. The garage at the house it takes me too is much bigger and nicer. I am sure my car just wants to live there.

It is kind of odd. When I turn on my street "Lola" tells me I have entered a dead end street and to turn around. I guess I better get a nicer house.

This is the only NAV I have had that can't find my house out of an Acura, Prius, and Mercedes. Good thing I know where I live.

Ah.....but will you be so sure when drunk, call Navteq.

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