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Navigation or xenon without the tech package?

The only items I might want from the tech package are the navigation and xenon headlights.

(I saw that they have xenon lights available as add ins to existing roadsters.)

Any ideas of if it would possible - either through tesla or not - to somehow get navigation and/or xenon lights later on, without getting the tech package now? I'm open to speculation on future possibilities.

Thanks for your thoughts!

When I look at pictures of a non tech car, it looks to me if there are projector lamps on the car. With this kind of lamps you only need te replace the bulb with a Xenon bulb, drill a hole for the connecting cable an mount the ballast.

I did this with my Ampera (European Volt) and it took me one hour to complete the job. It took me this long because I wanted the cabeling to look stock. I have seen other people complete this job in 20 minutes.

My car seems to have the same type of construction in the headlamps as the Model S. I did this 1 year ago and have not had a complain of other drivers in this time.

Pro: much lower price (€ 200 $ 300 for the most expensive set) than stock Xenon and a lot more light than the standard bulbs.
Con: my digital radio suffers a lot from the emf radiation of the ballasts, I had a lot of problems with the quality of the set (died on me 3 times), the color of the light breaks up at the cutoff edges (blue edge).

So I would do it again if there is no possibility to get it as a standard option in the car. On the Model S I orderd the Tech package.....

@Jolanda - I agree, which is why I say it should be very straightforward. In fact, I just ordered a HID kit and will try that next. I don't think you even need to drill holes. The cover for the opening is a soft rubber "boot". You could easily run wires out from under it with no modifications. Given the way the car is constructed, there's no reason why this would cause water leakage issues either.

I am more torn over weather or not to get the Music Pro package then the tech package to me the tech package is a no brainier for me anyway.


It's not leakage but condensation. Any gaps in the rubber covers result in moisture condensing inside the lights, ultimately dripping water inside. That's what happened to me, coz there were some pin hole sized leaks in the housings and the rubber covers. I sealed them but they came back after a few months due to the vibration during everyday driving.

Hope you got the HID bulb bases changed to fit the halogen bases. They are usually jerry-rigged by the supplier if so specified.

Lastly, the cut-off will still be for halogens, not HIDs. The lights may need to be aimed down to not blind the motorists at night.

@GeekEV - Which HID Kit did you order? Any success? Thanks for the info!

I'm also looking at replacing the fog light assemblies (i like the side lights, although I don't think they'll function the same as in the tech S). The San Diego service center said I could buy the parts for $900; not sure if it's worth it for the two cool looking side lights.

@illioilli - I went with these and will be installing them tonight... with the 9005 bulb type and the 6,000k color.

@GeekEV - Wow those sound great! Good luck with the install, looking forward to pix & details :).

Just in case you need this,

Let me know how it goes.
I've ordered LED bulbs to try first. They consume the least amount of power. HIDs like the ones you ordered will be my next option.

Oh, somebody already wrote it up? I guess I don't need to then. :-)

So, they look and work great. I'll post up more details later after reviewing that link S-Car-Go posted. FWIW, the kit came with a rubber grommet thingy around the harness. By carefully cutting a properly sized hole in the Tesla's rubber boot, you can fit the kits grommet in there for a very nice seal. There should be no leakage or condensation issues.

Here's a 50/50 install pic so you can see the difference:
HID Install

So here's some pics showing you the color spectrum using the LightSpectrum Pro app on my iPhone. Some quick tests against known lights showed the color spectrum reported isn't entirely accurate (it runs cool), but it does give a good relative measure and makes for a neat set of comparison pics.

So, here's the stock halogen bulbs:
Tesla Model S Halogen Stock Bulb

Here's the upgraded halogen bulbs I mentioned earlier in this thread:
Tesla Model S Halogen Upgraded Bulb

And here's the HID kit. What's interesting is they were so bright/white the app wouldn't even give a reading. But you can clearly see the difference:
Tesla Model S Aftermarket HID Bulb

That thread S-Car-Go linked to even looks like the same kit I used, or very similar to it. I've got more detailed pictures than it does though. I'll do my own writeup and pics at some point (maybe next week).

Nice install. I have flash blindness from the last picture :)
Do write it up, with pictures please. Start a new post and copy the link here.

I'll do the same once I get the LEDs and install.

Try this next. It's super easy. I did it in 5 minutes.


I chose blue LEDs but there's white LED's too.

@GeekEV - Nice Job! Looks to be well worth the effort and cost. I ordered the 10000K kit to try something different, hoping the spectrum will go well with my metallic green S and offer good contrast to the DRLs. Not a big deal if I dont like em and switch to the 6000k since the price is right :).

@S-Car-Go - That looks awesome! What brand/part/price?

Any thoughts/plans on customizing the fog light assembly or adding led strips across the dual fins next to each fog light assembly?

Oooh S-Car-go very nice!


Be careful: the higher the color temp, the lower the lumens. Also, higher the color, temp more, the eye fatigue.

Generally accepted principle is that around 6K is enough for HIDs, 10K is almost purple. Also, highly likely to get you pulled over.


Nice! Hope you enjoy the HIDs. Once you go HID, you will never want to go halogen again.

Good luck with the seals too. Make sure you seal them with the best sealant you can get. These are 'lifetime' bulbs, very unlikely to fail during the lifetime. (Though they start to become bluer and then slightly purple as they age towards 10, 15 years)

@RedShift - Yeah, I had HID lights on my Prius and LEDs on my LEAF. I didn't *want* halogens on my MS either, but I wanted $3,700 more than I wanted the HIDs. ;-)

They are 36mm Festoon Blue LEDs. I got mine on eBay.

IMO 10k HIDs are perfectly blue. It will be plenty bright. The blue hue is actually easier on the eyes. It will distort some colors if you even care about that.

I'm still waiting on my LED headlights .
Get the DDM 55Ws if you want super brights. That's what I'm planning to do next if the LEDs don't work out.

Glad you asked about the grille. I was thinking of using Plasma glow

You should give it a try. Dirt cheap and super easy mod. 4 Philips screws to unscrew, pop in new bulbs, and screw the lens back on.

"Be careful: ... Generally accepted principle... is enough... Also, highly likely to get you pulled over."
Really??? Your street cred just went down, LOL

@S-Car-Go - Those LED bulbs you linked to are only listed as 650 lumens. That's ridiculously low for your primary headlights. Heck, I don't even use light bulbs that dim in my house...

FWIW, I found these figures quoted in several different articles:

> HID headlights have an output of 3,200 lumens compared to 1,000 to 1,200 lumens in low-beam halogen lights.

One thing that isn't clear to me is if that refers to one bulb or both. If both, then I suppose 650 lumens each (again, if that's per bulb in the listing) is fine... Shrug. I can tell you the HID kit I used is plenty bright though.

I know that I'll eventually have to cave in and get the HIDs. The LEDs were cheap enough to give a shot first. I might even try these VLEDs before going to HIDs.

I'm going for the bragging rights of the first all LED Tesla Model S :)
Damn!... I just gave away my master plan!... LOL

Are you being LED down the garden path? You may lose your virginity.

@s car go

"Really??? Your street cred just went down, LOL"

Oh no, NOT my street cred!!

Seriously, lumens are inversely proportional to the color temperature for HIDs. Googling should reveal you the right path through the, ahem 'streets'.

@S-Car-Go - Wow, 1200 lumens per bulb (that's plenty clear on that page)! I wish I'd found those first. I googled and googled but couldn't find any LEDs bright enough...

No fear

"lumens are inversely proportional to the color temperature for HIDs. Googling should reveal you the right path through the, ahem 'streets'."
You're doing it again... Is it possible to go negative on street cred? LOL

Thats why I suggested the 55W HIDs. 10k at 5000 lumens it will be more than BRIGHT enough.
DDM specs; 3,200- 3,400 Lumens at 35 Watt and an astonishing 5,000 Lumens at 55 Watt

Besides, it's not about the practicality of it. It's the cool factor. Blue is cool.

Yeah the VLEDs are the brightest I found so far. I didn't get them because they were out of stock at the time.
My 650lumen LEDs came in today. I think they will be as bright as the halogens but white and only uses 9W. I'm hoping the reflector and projector lens directs the 10 5W LEDs properly. Stay tuned.

@RedShift - Yeah I know; they can range on output and spectrum depending on the manufacturer. I'm hoping these are true blue. Will post some pics once I get em in and installed.

@S-Car-Go - Thanks for the links and looking forward to seeing how the LEDs turn out. I was looking too for LED options too, but never came across those.

It's Official! I claim to be the first All LED Tesla Model S owner.
All rights reserved. Bragging, whining, sobbing, etc..

Unfortunately, It's not bright enough for me. It was worth a try.
Up next, 55W 10K HIDs.

@S-Car-Go - Nice Job! I stand witness, you have created the 2013 Tesla Model S-LED. Lookin forward to seeing the blaring 1200 Lumen glow.

So I hooked up the 10000K last night and was mighty pleased with the result:

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