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NEC improves Li-Ion capacity by 30% - Panasonic?

NEC has announced a new formulation that can increase the range of EVs by up to 30%. If Panasonic can do the same, my (upcoming P5058) 60kWh Model S could near 300 miles (230 mi range estimated x 30% = 299). Even at a real-world 200 miles, we could be talking about 260 miles with such a battery.

The latter. And/or weight of battery required to hold a given charge.

+1Tiebreaker for Mr. Fusion!


The problem is that all these 30% improvements aren't available for sale so no one knows what the price will be--it's assumed they will be no more than the battery they are comparing against. There is generally about one of these announcement per week, but rather less actual production.

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