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Need advice from real user on range from ATL to mountain house

I live in Atlanta and during the summer in particular drive to a second home in NC near Highlands, 150 miles away. Its 60% hiway at 70-75 MPH, then flat country roads at 60, and last some mountain climbing to get to 4500 foot elevation from about 1000. Anyone doing anything similar.... I'm considering the S85 model... but would be useless if it couldn't make to to this mountain house without a recharge (would have 220/240 at that house). Appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.

Shouldn't be a problem for the 85kw. Depending on conditions such as wind direction, temperature, and speed you should be able to get there with approx. 45 miles of charge. This is my gustimate and ymmv. There are some awesome apps out there to more accurately gauge EV range but I can not recall the names. Use Volkerize to search as there are threads discussing this. You may be able to top up somewhere en route, but I would make that trip without hesitation, you can always slow down to conserve power.

I would say no problem.

I saw a post in the TMC forums about going up Mt. Washington - 7.5 miles and 4500 foot gain in elevation took 12kwh. So for elevation, subtract about 30 miles from your range.

Subtract another 20 miles for going fast on the highway.

The rest should be pretty standard.

If you start with a full 270 mile charge, I think you would arrive with at least 50 miles left.

I would not hesitate to do that trip with my 85.

Try Green Race website

It allows you to enter your starting point and ending point, and calculates how much of a full charge you'll use. It shows elevation change too. I plugged in Atlanta and Highlands and a Tesla Model S 85 averaging 70MPH in "sport" mode would have 10% of the battery charge left.

I've driven up the 3500 ft mountains of Western NC too and have been surprised how little the elevation degrades the range. Plus you get 60% of it back when you head downhill with regen.

Should be no problem. I have a P85 picked up in Atlanta and drove just outside Nashville including over Monteagle Mountain with 40 miles to spare at 75 mph. I have over 7500 miles on it in hilly mid tenn and much on country roads. These roads are easy to beat rated range if you stay about 60 mph.

And if you have to full charge the battery 100% once or twice each week to make this trip, do we know how much the battery will degrade each year. thanks all for your help

Also, is there any range advantage to the P85 vs regular 85? I understand it is simply faster.... is that correct?

Faster also means you can burn the energy faster... I do regular 180 miles runs with 40-60 miles left on a standard charge ( P85 with 19 inch over hilly and fast 280 and stop and go through SF which eats more energy then highway ). 150 miles distance + 30 miles elevation you should be fine. I would charge the first time to max and see how comfortable you are doing the trip and then I think standard charge should be fine. But always know your emergency charge point - there could an unexpected traffic jam, headwinds, heavy rain, etc.

If you drive immediately (within a few hours) of a Max Range charge it should have little or no effect. Degradation comes from holding there a long time.

There are chargers (j1772) and a ChadeMo in Clayton.

I think a standard charge would be fine - no need for range charge. You make that trip once or twice a week? That is a lot of driving - MS will be very economical for you.

Where are the charging stations in Clayton.... That would be a great fail safe area. What's a good way to find charging stations?

Another question.... When leaving your car at airport for a week while traveling, how much charge do you lose?

My P85 has a range of about 250 miles on a full charge in a real world driving. I've made 230 mile trips on a single charge with about 20 mile on battery to spare at the end. So 150 mile on a S85 should be a cinch.

PlugShare shows 4 chargers in Clayton, GA:

and search for the location. Mobile apps also work great.

You will have absolutely no problem. I have driven in my P85 to Hiawassee and back 3 times. In a round trip you drive over the mountain twice and it's more then 200 miles round trip. I live in Brookhaven.

and..... It looks like you will soon have a bunch of SuperChargers on your route which means you can go as fast as you like and stop for a cup of coffee.

With the 5.0 or 5.6 firmware, a mile or two loss per day. No problem.

Re airport: I found a place, Peachy Parking, where I can park inside, and has 110 outlets. I can charge the entire time I'm away.

New car will have the updated firmware like @brianh said, or you can charge while you are there like @2kids said. How far are you from the airport?

I am 60 miles from the airport, and take my ICE because I don't want to mark my MS there - nothing to do with charging.

@jpinch - based on your questions, you might want to wait until there is more charging infrastructure. I have trips I cannot make in my MS, awaiting more charging stations, and use my ICE for now.

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