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New custom factory painted Model S

Was picking up my car from the Service Center in Denver, CO and there in the lot was a brand new Model S waiting for delivery, in a custom dark purple color. I snapped a pic, but I have to get home to upload it. I have to say, purple should have been a factory color !

Picture is posted at TMC:!?p=686764#post686764

Is it possible it was the dark blue perhaps at sunset (i.e. orange sky)?

If really purple could you tell if it was painted or was a wrap? I wasn't aware of Tesla delivering any cars to customers in custom colors since 2012. There are a few one-offs that Tesla produced internally such as orange. More often customers had the car wrapped in a new color (but not by Tesla).

I too heard of custom colors for customers . The service center mentioned it once when I was in for service.

The Game of Thrones author ordered a purple Tesla, could this be it?

That looks terrible!

What a waste. You know he's just going to kill it off.

I suspect that photo is Photoshoped from another color car - likely blue. It's trivial to tweak the tint this way.

As of about 6 months ago, Tesla confirmed there are no custom colors for customers - they suggest a third party after purchase. They did offer custom colors in the very early production in 2012 and it was far more difficult than it was worth and it greatly interrupted the paint shops. It's possible they have changed, but I really doubt it. If you see the production process, it would be a major disruption when they need all the throughput they have already.

That doesn't mean that Tesla couldn't have shipped the car to some third party to be painted and then onto the final destination. An who knows, perhaps they are doing custom paint again.

I have seen bright green Tesla owned by a Tesla employee and have talked to him once at Fremont supercharger. He said they can do many many color combinations easily. I think what he forgot to add was that the whole assembly line would probably grind to a halt to do one special car!

I just took the factory tour, and was told there is an employee who also has a paint shop where he often paints his MS. It is not Tesla painting the car, just the employee doing it privately.

I saw that chartreuse car when I was hanging around Fremont and wondered what was up.

This board doesn't let you upload attachments, so I posted it to TMC.

Picture is here:!?p=686764#post686764

Seeing as the Denver Service Center is the closest to where George RR Martin lives, I am betting it probably was his !

The picture in that article is wrong though. It has the 19" stock wheels, and a grey interior instead of black.

The chartreuse car is a CA local who did have Tesla custom paint the car. It was one of the few back in 2012 before Tesla quickly stopped doing custom colors. I used a picture of it in my Tesla Calendar, and it's quite a sight in person. I think it cost an extra $12,000 at the time.

Thanks--it really did stand out!

Besides the Sugnature Series, there was also a Founder's Series for early investors that put big money into Tesla in the beginning. They got to choose the paint color as a perk.

Wow, I do like the purple. In my youth I owned an MGB, for which other drivers twice volunteered a new paint job by bumping me. My 1st choice was metal-flake purple, which drew really polarized reactions. The next contributor allowed me to go for a more sedate Ferrari-red, and that garnered near universal approval. Near – I doubt the British would've approved because they seem to prefer earth tones. My impression is that the French are fond of pastels & soft textures, while Native Americans & Latins like strong colors. I'm unsure how Asian taste goes, but clearly color preference has strong cultural roots. However, purple on the MGB seemed to be a special case, as if racial memory declares the color to be the exclusive right of royalty, & I was an obvious usurper.
I've acquired skill at dodging paint patrons since then, but if one is determined I'll be tempted to experiment – a bit more difficult with the MS because it's much larger. Pattern wraps should probably be ruled out because the lines of the car would probably conflict. :-)

The photo in George R. R. Martin's blog isn't a photo of his actual vehicle - he ordered a purple one and what is posted on his blog is a photoshop job because he didn't get his car yet. It was just a guess. Purple isn't really my favorite color, but if I had a purple S I would call it Grape Ape!

Heaze, here's an attempt to copy the TMC shot using HTML:

typo: Haeze

Thanks @Brian H !

Saw a gold MS near the San Juan Supercharger on Sunday.

Owned by the dude formally known as Prince


My daughter loves purple thought that car looked amazing. It could look better with grey turbine wheels and dark window tinting.

We have a signal orange one hanging around here in Scottsdale.

Doesn't do the car justice..

@ johncrab - I saw that one at the service center. One of the techs told me that the owner has his car re-wrapped every month in a different color. I would like to be adopted...

Was the Tesla out in the rain? Was it being delivered to Prince? Purple Rain....Purple Rain

There was a green one and an orange one at the factory the last time I was there. The orange one is VIN 25000
17-Model S Green
17-Model S Burnt Orange

I like all the above colors. Hopefully the new production line will provide more options.

Love that orange!

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