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New engine

What if Tesla Motors made a new motor for their cars that uses a Tesla turbine to create electricity to power the car? The results are quite reasonable. It would be at least 90 % more efficient. to make the turbine work you could hook it up to a pressurized nitrogen gas canister. and for a regenerative braking system you make the turbine work from the air intake as the car brakes

Ok I haven't had a chance to review your design though I will. Just in case there was a lack of description on my part. I visualized harnessing wind or solar energy to power a compression unit or gas generator of some sort. Store the produced gas and use it as needed to refuel the train. Using older steam engine style components this is a very wasteful process, but substitue a modern diesel electric engine - diesel engine + tesla turbine and leave the rest alone with exception of a few storage adaptations. Free energy, non poluting, easier to bring into production then millions of tiny gas stations for cars.

@otdatedtech, Certainly not a problem,just whenever convenient. Don't conclude some of my remarks are a broad generalization, just a gripe about certain ones.

@VolkerP, What would be your estimate of the speed of your vehicle,ha.

I'd give just about everybody a hitch. Have to use that funny helmets in this car, you see...

Why VolkerP, this is no longer a vehicle but a time capsule. Wow, that is fast.

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