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New EV Dictionary - broder (verb)


broder (verb) - to purposely or with willful ignorance run down the battery pack of an electric vehicle to the point that it no longer moves the vehicle. Note: This is an extreme form of turtling an electric vehicle that is either a planned act or involves extreme negligence or outright idiocy to accomplish.


"Tony brodered his Leaf to get the data to make his range chart."

"I can't believe he brodered his Tesla by attempting to drive 60 miles when the car predicted 30 miles of remaining range."

"I reminded my wife to charge the Leaf last night, but she thought there was plenty of charge remaining. Today she ended up brodering the Leaf. Of course, I took responsibility by saying I should have purchased a Gid meter last month."

The eager participants in this revolting dictionary game revel themselves to be mega sized a-holes and an indelible stain on the Tesla community. Shame on all of you.

I grew up in the fifties and, in grade school, practiced duck-and-cover. I expect to be amused.

Well Zelaza, you are entitled to your opinion. I for one, don't wish to provide the flack you seem to taunt.

It is self-evident that incendiary insults are not the way to enlighten people if you truly feel they are misguided.

Personally, I would not want to be in the position of defending Mr. Broder's integrity.

Congrats Stoaty! Regardless what some people may think, due to a recent engadget article about Teslaroadtrip, your word is now immortalized in print! Check it out..

They have a wrong definition for it. "Human error". S/b DELIBERATE human error (to create a false impression).

I believe it was also deliberate, but if it just turns out that he was just really not thinking it would give us more opportunities to use the word. For example: I left a CPU intensive Navigation app up on my smartphone overnight and forgot to charge it. I am at work now and my phone is brodered. But maybe it could have a double meaning by deliberatly misuse/misreport a disruptive new technology in order to help preserve the status quo.

Broder-cam: A device used to record journalists behaving badly. Can also be a data-log.

This link is especially entertaining with the stock climbing like crazy today!!

I've got to wonder how much the guy was paid or how much he or his friends made by manipulating the stock like that!!

How ever much he made, it won't be enough to make up for the fact that his name has inspired a less-than-flatering new definition on Urban Dictionary.

I just looked up "broder" and saw that it already has 96 thumbs up (including mine) and none down so far (by which I presume he hasn't read it yet).

Somebody should forward the link to NYT.

Haha.. :)

Would this be proper usage according to the urban dictionary? My wife still drags me to the grocery store to 'help' despite my Brodering.

You've failed to convince her of your klutzitude, huh?

Awesome reversal of fortune! A name that will now live in infamy, all of it earned.

Cheers to all the honest folks who helped out this lowbrow deception!

I almost feel sorry for Broder. Almost.

Yeah, just for doing what all the other jeernalists do!

You know you're famous when:

You get skewered in a cartoon:


Thanks for your post and link. Broder's fame continues entertaining MS owners.

The Joy of Tech have their own take on the test drive:

Clearly, the Maximum Improbability Drive has been engaged.

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