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New Internet page and status

VIN: 169xx P85+ Norway

"My Tesla" internet page changed this morning. It wanted confirmation of my driving license and social security number.
In addition it also asked me to confirm my order, I did.
Now my status is: We have begun sourcing parts for your order.

I wonder how long it will be before it is built?

When did you originally place the order?

My order says the same and when I called they said my car was in paint.

My homepage had the same change. According to my Iphone App my tesla Vin S14940 (order placed march 01, EUSig #52) is ready and "alive" and is parked outside the Fremont Factory, nearly fully charged and with an inside temp of 60F with climate control off

Several hours, at least. ;p

Social security number??? They don't need that and they aren't getting it.

I did see the driver's license number question. Odd, since I supplied that before taking delivery. Now that I have the car, Tesla no longer needs that information.

I've noticed the same thing Paul, with the same answer. They got the driver's license information before I made payment. It was probably while in the process of completing the MVPA.

Someone forgot to limit the site update to test data, and it's using you as guinea pigs. Ignore.

Where can I find the status?

It is on your MyTesla page. It shows your RN (reservation number) or Vehicle Identifation Number (VIN). Next to the RN/VIN the status is shown. Something like: Reserved, Confirmed, We are sourcing parts for your Model S, your car is in production, etc.

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