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New Jersey Legislature - NEED HELP FROM NJ RESIDENTS today

According to the new Tesla blog posted last night it seems NJ is trying to pull a fast one on Tesla Motors and electric cars today under pressure from their dealers associations.
This calls for fast action from any NJ residents who may be reading these boards.
Please put your call into your state Governor's office and senator to do whatever they can to curtail this very sneaky move they are trying to pull of.

I wonder if this will impact the supercharger proposed for Edison, NJ. This is an important waypoint along I-95.

It seems that NADA and its state affiliates are taking a page from Big Tobacco's playbook . . . lawyer the opposition to death.

Oh my word. How dirty do politicians get?

In a similar vein, Christie had nothing to do with the bridge scandal, of course.

Tesla is far from sure success in this battle to be able to sell its cars. Every Tesla owner in NJ has a personal emergency today and should take a sick day to go rally for BASIC American values at

Commission Headquarters, 8th Floor East Wing 225 East State Street, Trenton, New Jersey

2:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yes, I called the NJ governor's office even though I don't live in state and said I have lots of family in NJ who I will be informing this to who will be very upset.
The more phone calls or people who can show up at this place the better.

Unbelievable. Except, as a NJ resident, I remember this occurring when they increased the tolls on the roads, NJ transit fare increases - they left little to no public comment, and if so - it was a 1 day in advance notice at a location that would be very difficult to get to.

The NADA and NJ CAR (dealers association) must have donated heavily in Christie's re-election, and therefore are now hoping to be repaid.

I will be contacting my assembly persons and state senator; please call yours (or any if you are from out of state):

If they took on Washington State, that means they are going to try to sneak something through in every state. Don't fall for all the "don't worry, it will all be fine" responses you get. Make sure that your representatives know the entire story.

Make sure that they know everything from "Who Killed the Electric Car" to "Tesla's Secret Master Plan, Just Between You and Me", and Elon's understanding of that new technology and EV's can't succeed under the old dealership model because dealers have no compelling reason to sell them.

Top it all off with a viewing of the beautiful documentary "Crude" and you have painted the big picture.

Thank you New Jersey for taking a stand for the rest of us out here!

Yes, this is big. Spread the word about this far and wide everyone. I'm sending emails to all the large blog and news sites I read regularly, others should do the same. Link to the Tesla blog entry:

I should have read this before starting a new thread.

Dear Mr. Christie
Tesla is an American company and has done everything right in thinking out of the box in changing an automobile experience.
Whether it's transparency, an honest buying experience, a better driving and ownership experience and being environmentally responsible.
I'm not sure why the state isn't embracing the company and all that it stands for.
As an owner of two electric cars, one from tesla, the other from Nissan, I have a unique experience of ownership.
I haven't had a better purchase experience. In today's age, in my opinion, car dealers aren't needed. Users can configure their cars online and go through all options. The only thing we need dealers for, is to service a car.
It will save the public tons of money by eliminating unnecessary middlemen, and enable them to spend money elsewhere. In a more meaningful place.
Please don't let anyone put hurdles for tesla. We are going through and evolution. With changing times and changing technologies, we should embrace the future.

Ps. Wrote it on my iphone. Pardon typos.

Christie is owned by the dealers and big oil. They guy is a physical specimen .

You can also reach the governor on twitter @GovChristie


Time for some "Tesla" traffic problems in Trenton! Seriously he is the most corrupt of all the Jersey pols to ever exist and that is saying something!

I called the Governor's office as well as my local state representatives this morning. They each mentioned the large number of calls they had already received on the topic. I got the feeling that the calls make a difference. Keep up the good work.

Jersey is just an armpit.

@Amped - all the state legislators are being stormed by the auto dealers associations. It isn't only NJ.

Sent two e-mail letters, one to Christie one to Senator C. Bateman. Also called.

As someone who lives in the state, I support many things that Christie had done for New Jersey, and do not believe governor bashing as the way to support Tesla

The proposal is outrageous. No one can stop me from buying cars from Tesla, even if it means to take delivery from CA and drive across the country via super-charging network

Got to go, time to drive three Belgium colleagues in my model S for work lunch - they don't have ridiculous policies like the proposed here in EU!

The pig is actually trying to go around the legislature with this. Probably in exchange for cash for his legal defense.

For Tesla, this is death by a thousand cuts in every state that uses the dealership issue against them. It's high time Tesla takes a restraint of trade case to the Federal courts.

Write to Christie here, I did. Took less than a minute

Head of dmv commission on subject
Raymond Martinez
His number 609-292-4570

I'm supposed to take delivery of my car in NJ tomorrow! Pissed off doesn't even begin to cover how I feel.

Server is overwhelmed but eventually the emails do go through.

Call your news contacts too.

In Washington State we made it onto almost every news network channel with our parade of Teslas all parked in front of the capitol. We made sure the legislators listened and looked us in the eye. Some still have some explaining to do.

People need the freedom to choose whether they want to deal with a dealer or a manufacturer. We need the freedom to choose a more efficient purchasing system.

We also want to have a choice whether we want to patronize an establishment that paves drainage basins, farm lands, flood plains, prime real estate and habitat with asphalt to store unsold cars.

Go Jersey!

Emailed and called the Gov's office. This is so un-American. Banning Tesla in NJ is like banning Apple from selling iphones and servicing them in NJ!

From @MichaelThwaite via Twitter."To register your opposition to the anti-Tesla #ev provision in 30 seconds! Call 609.292.6000 and say “I oppose PRN 2013-138” - no fuss!"

"Update: Christie says Tesla's problems are its own fault"

Total misrepresentation of the situation. Christie: "Tesla should have taken it to the legislature" [while arranging Board meeting to avoid that very thing]

I believe it's time that Tesla starts suing states. In this case, Tesla should file for immediate injunctive relief in New Jersey. Tesla needs to take its case to the courts, or sue the Federal Government for allowing individual states to interfere with interstate commerce.

We need some legal action to throw a big spotlight on this issue nationwide.

Wrote gov's office. Call DMV commissioner's office and gov's office...spoke to real people, listed objections.

Time to start in on the media....

That is what we found in Washington State too. The bills were spun in a different fashions to offer up some red herring and wild goose chases. When the real direct questions were asked regarding the intent of the bill, we were met with "No Comment".

The bill was re-written after hours and passed late at night when everyone thought it was set aside for further evaluation and deliberation. It was half a victory.

Just spoke to the "tip line" guy at 6ABC in Jersey. They have a stringer/reporter in Trenton: guy says they'll send him/her over to cover the commission meeting.

I'm in Arizona. Y'all in New Jersey, NY, PA should be able to rouse your local media better than I. DMV hearing/meeting starts in 20 minutes.

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