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New Multi Coat Red in Design Studio

This morning I noticed the new multi-coat red is shown in Design Studio. Looks to me to be very close to the Signature Red, not the flat Red displayed at various events. Anyone know if it is the same?

@ylyubarsk: If you don't like it after production, then you put in a lot of positive thinking and convince yourself that it's the most awesome color ever. That's my plan of attack since I should have a Dolphin Gray car in a couple weeks and have never seen the color in real life. I haven't had a chance to test drive an S either, but feel much more comfortable on that side, based on the opionion of my wife (who did the test drive) and a couple thousand of my Tesla friends who have provided completely unbiased and unexagerated opinions on this site.

p.s. If you hate your red and I hate my gray, maybe we can swap.

My second choice was Pearl White. So if I do get Red, that will be it, because you have gray. I also ordered Performance with black interior because I hate tan color. I like only white, brown or black interior. But we'll see. I just saw Red Bentley Continental today. If Tesla Red is this kind of Red, I would be happy.

Anybody has found out what the real Red color is gonna be?

Use to search for multi-coat red, and you'll get the latest.

Brian H ! doesn't work yet, unless I am doing something wrong. The site just asks me if I agree that site should exist.

@ylyubarsky actually it does work. You just didn't recognize the search window immediately to the right of the Tesla logo and left of the Google search button. It you touch it it will open up the text function to enter your search term.

Ohms.Law Could you please put "New Red Color" into the window you are referring to yourself and send me the link because I am going straight to Google from that window. Correct me if I am wrong

Sure. It takes me out to a Google search too but the difference is that the search results you are seeing are ONLY from the Tesla forum. Here is what I got:

Thanks Ohms.Law. BTW any news with Red Color Production lately and if the Red Color in Miami Store is the real Red color I am ordering?

The simple answer is no news that I know of. And I (it would appear) have the same vested interest you do. As to the color in the Miami store I live in Maryland and haven't seen it. I think the closest and best representation may be the color in the Motor Trend COTY article. Sure is pretty!

The muti coat production red samples are on the design racks in the stores. They arrived about 2 weeks ago

I was in Miami store a few days ago. There is only Signature Red color available on design rack. Are you sure? The last info from TM rep was that nobody knows yet. That's why it's strange that you saw a red color in any stores. Unless you think that Signature Red is Multi Coat Red

Saw it in Santana Row store on 7 November as they took it out of the box and added it to the display. The lady that came on our test drive confirmed it was the new red. First she had seen it.

Here you go. From the Teslamotorsclub forum:

Hmmm, trying again...

The board software does not like the parentheses in that link and therefore does not make it clickable by itself. Above, I used the HTML <a>-tag to explicitly turn it into a link.

VB: thank you for coming to my rescue. I knew someone would know what to do. Happy New Year to you sir. This will be the year we both drive away in our new cars.

Happy New Year everybody and particularly Red Color owners. If the color that I saw is the one they will produce, it looks decent. Hope it won't postpone a delivery until the end of the year.

Ohms.Law :-)

Just visited our Davie Florida store and saw a new Red color on the piece of plastic. It has nothing to do with the pictures that somebody was referring to a few days ago. This color is something between Signature Red and Bright Red that everybody saw on the picture. The one on the picture is identical to the one that is in Miami Store on Lincoln Rd. But experience showed that real color looks on the car different from a piece of plastic. Good example is Pearl White. It looks really pearl on a piece of plastic and looks almost the same as plain white in real life. So now I think we are all clueless until the day when we see the real red color on the first car in March.

Went into the store the other day and saw the new red. It looks a bit flat in store lights but really pops with a light source such as a camera flash. I'm excited!

My first post, so let's see if the images are formatted correctly.

Still not working, drat

Still not working, drat

Pictures didn't work

You can't upload to this site directly. Use standard HTML for the img tag. You must supply the URL for a web-hosted/posted image, directly to the picture.

Put the photos up on a website like Flickr, or imageshack, then insert the url in the standard HTML for "img". Link to a reasonable size version of the shots, or specify height and width (taking care to preserve the proportions). E.g.:

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I stopped by the Menlo Park showroom today and took 2 quick shots with my Nexus 4 phone. It is indoor lighting with no flash, so they look pretty dark and somewhat out of focus.

Close-up shot:

Further-back shot with the white paint chips next to it:
(The red appears very dark since the focus was on the White chip, I think. The grey wheels below are almost black!)

My attempt at sizing it for this post:

So the multi-coat red is definitely not the Sunset Red (bright orange-red) at the Get Amped events. It is a darker/deeper red. The paint chip looks pretty close to what is shown in the design studio web page (at least on my monitor). To me, it appears as a classier red, closer in tone to the signature red under bright sunlight.

The paint chip will probably look brighter under sunlight, but since I was alone, I didn't feel like taking it outside the showroom to snap a pic. When I do receive my car, hopefully in March or April (#4605), I'll update with better pictures!

PS: My Get Amped event with the Sunset Red post is here:
You can hopefully see the difference in color.

Argh, the G+ pages are not the actual images, so the linking failed. Sorry, this should be correct:

Close-up shot:

Further-back shot with the white paint chips next to it:

As I said before I brought that piece of plastic and outside it looks much brighter than inside but not even close to the Red that is on the picture from before. But again as I said the real Red will be different from a plastic Red because the paint on the car looks always different. Pearl White is a good example. It's absolutely different color on a plastic than in real life. So let's wait and see in March. Please whoever sees the real Red, take a picture and show to everybody. Thanks

They have the "new red" as a test drive car at Tesla in Oakbrook, IL. I have been agonizing on color decisions for the past month since I got my finalize email. Have to do so by tomorrow or I get hooked into price increase. I went to check it out to see if I would like it and drove it yesterday - the rep said it was the one Motor Trend took pics of. It is a performance and had the 19" winter tire pkg on it. After driving it, I asked him if he was going to wash it soon - it was really dirty. Wanted to see it clean. He took it for a wash right away and called me. Saw it in the sun. Looked really nice. I have some pics but not sure how to upload them.

I think I am still getting the black though.


How do you know it's a new red and not the bright red that we have pictures?


I just spoke to your Tesla dealer in Oakbrook. The red car that they have is identical to Miami car and it's not the real future Red. So don't worry. Don't post your pictures. They confirmed that they have the same car as in Miami. And they didn't know themselves that it's not a future Red color. So one more time, let's wait until the first Red color owner shows up in March

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