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New Premium Luxury From Bentley

News Release: Bentley Motors, known for some of the finest motor cars in the world, has just released it's plan for an all new premium luxury vehicle. This new vehicle, tentatively priced at just $200,000.00 USD, will replace all of the normal dash gadgets with an iPad. Base price includes cloth seating, interior lights and an AM radio! The options list is extensive and can potentially add tens of thousands of dollars to the price of this exquisite automobile.

I giggled.

Bentley with an iPad... just picture it.

At least someone gets my sense of humor!

Attention Sig. can buy a $200,000 USD Bentley that comes with cloth seats instead of the $87,900 Sig. with all-leather interior. The Bentley is probably a gas guzzler as well.

and someone clearly doesn't get my humor.

You forgot the wink smiley!

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