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New progress being shown on dashboard!

Hi all, I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning. Looks like Tesla is starting to keep everyone up to date on the progress of their model s' in real time. Here is a picture of what I saw this morning unless this has been happening but I haven't seen anybody mentioning this in the forums?

As well, they are asking for my wife and i's driver license numbers. The delivery is still showing as end of july so keeping fingers crossed. Looking at the next available date for delivery is not until October, quite a gap.

Yep, I had the same experience exactly, despite having already provided our DL#s last week. Oh, well. My "end of line" date is, according to my delivery associate, 7/22, so looks like I'll very probably be taking delivery by the end of the month. W00t!

Can't get to the picture :( Although the site was down last night around 11:30 pm PST. It stayed down for a while, this must be one of the changes.

My dashboard was showing "Pay Now" even though I've already paid for and received the car. I was able to clear it by clicking the button, viewing the screen that shows $0 due and then returning to the dashboard.

I got the same thing this morning!

My received car shows sourcing parts and I longer have access on the iphone app

Sounds like it needed to be down for a couple more hours

I want iphone access!

Mine updated to this today as well. I have a late July estimated delivery but haven't heard from a sales associate or gotten a firm date yet. Any idea on the time from sourcing parts to completion?

It would be cool if we could see stats about the car on the dashboard such as total miles, total energy used, number of charges, average time per charge, average speed, stuff like that.

Same change in "My Tesla" page for me.
I am VIN#16439 due to deliver in August.....anticipation growing big time.

The App does not show a vehilcle linked to my account with the disclaimer that my vehicle may not be ready. I assume the App will not work or provide information to me until the car ships or is recognized as delivered. Can anyone confirm when the App becomes useful?

It becomes activated when you get your Model S and activate it from the touchscreen.

That's the default since mechanics suffered bruised skulls and brains when working under the hood and being startled by random car honks.

*honk* flash flash. Yeah, I'd do it. :(

will it ever be safe to service your car?

Cheetah, mine said the same yesterday, then I checked tonight and it says it is "in transit". I'm about a week away!

So I've had my Model S for about 3 months. The dashboard wants my drivers license. I don't understand why. What business is it of theirs?

OMG just give them your driver's license! What do you think they are going to do, turn you over to the NSA for rendition to a third world country or something? LOL

Ignore. A s/w update has lost track of where buyers are in the real world process.

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