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New Review - NYT

See the link. Very positive review. 'Aston Martin on the outside . . . Apple on the Inside'

Here's another one, also by the NY Times, on supercharging:

"I covered 531 miles and the drive took 11.5 hours, during which the car consumed zero gasoline and produced no tailpipe emissions."

These reviews are KILLING ME! I WANT MY CAR!!

The first review sez "on a restrained run through Northern California wine country, I was able to wring 300.1 miles from a single charge." Note that this is not city driving. If 50% of the time he had been driving <40 mph, and running into stop lights every minute or two, I promise you (notwithstanding the EPA nonsense) that the range would have been even higher.

And a good turn of phrase: "I hauled amps." ;) Cute, if not over-used!

The second review is a bit less accurate or complete, but has at least one intriguing note: "Each Supercharger can serve two cars, and most locations will have three units." I.e., most stops can handle 6 cars at once! And he sez he cleared his spot for an accompanying exec ... so there were at least 7 cars there.

@Brian H

That's assuming that his stop was one of those with three units.....

Yes; from the article's photo of the Harris station he was discussing, showing 2 units, I make/made the guess that another was blocked from view.

There is just a gas station in that photo ...


No, those white cabinets are the SC charge units, AFAICT.

We checked out the Harris Ranch site. Two chargers (different eras, one was older and padlocked). The other, the Supercharger was what you are seeing in the picture. I believe based on what we saw it is only one supercharger and one standard charger. There are two dedicated parking spot on either side.

Yeah, you can see the wheel well of another Tesla? between the right white box and the separating wall. It looks like a white or gray Model S perhaps?

And here we thought we'd be bypassing all those gas stations...but at least someone took my suggestion a couple of years ago to put chargers at gas stations. They're already everywhere and most are surrounded by restaurants/shops and would make for a likely spot to go out for dinner, a movie, or shopping while you charge.

They should put a supercharger in gas stations. 5 minutes=30 miles, limp home, charge to full at night.
They can charge a fee for doing that, seeing they are remedying an emergency.

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