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New Tesla Charging Sites

Due to a problem exporting to, there are 5 Tesla charging stations that do not currently show up. Here's a list for all those road warriors out there:

5956 Calle Real
Goleta, CA 93117

Berry Patch Restaurant
900 Newville Road
Orland, CA 95963

Harris Ranch Subway/Shell Station
24505 West Dorris Ave
Coalinga, CA 93210

Comfort Inn
1804 Fort James Rd
Yreka, CA 96097

Tesla Newport Beach
1100 West Coast Highway
Newport Beach, CA 92663


Bill Arndt;
I think you have a small typo in the Legends; you describe the dots thus:
"Blue: 240A/70v"
Don't you mean the reverse? "240v/70A"

Kevin Sharpe:
Not to belabour the obvious, but the reason no other sites have responded is that there's nothing in it for them. If successful, your site would drop their traffic to zero.

Brian H, I disagree "that there's is nothing in it for them"…. they are free to build apps and websites that use the data and to charge for those apps if they wish. A good example would be an app that allows you to plan a route while giving you all of the charge point locations along the route…. maybe with a hotel booking service integrated… people would pay money for that app I'm sure.

Also consider that the app developer no longer needs to enter or maintain the data for tens of thousands of charge points… something that has become a significant burden for many of the existing websites and one of the main reasons that a number contain large amounts of stale data.

Once the database is live I hope many of the existing websites will join our the end of the day it will only be successful if the community at large support it.

If you are in Derby, CT - there's a NEMA 14-50 outlet powered by our solar array that we make available for free.

google: ida-intl Derby, CT tesla

The obvious link for our webpage regarding the charger will rank high.

If you are headed to the town of Mendocino, there is an RV park with two 14-50 outlets about 3 miles north of town. The park is: CASPAR BEACH RV PARK, 14441 PT CABRILLO DR*

For what it's worth, they planning on fast charging stations along the North Cascade Highway in Washington state (to tourist destinations) Locations aren't yet decided. They're talking about 80 mile charges in 25 minute. That may take care of one of my concerns (getting from Seattle to Spokane).

A second concern is getting from Seattle to Sacramento or San Francisco. I suspect there are already enough charging stations (although perhaps not fast) between the San Francisco area and the L.A. area. For that matter, I guess one would get between Seattle and Portland without too much difficulty.

The link is

two great apps that list charging stations are:
i use them both.
i also have a nema 14-50, 50 amp charger available here, in palm desert, california. call first please. 760-617-7666. frank landfield.

You can include The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel. They have a 240V charging station installed in their garage. Valet attendants will hook it up for you while you eta, spa or stay overnight.

Everything is good, but the problem is in my opinion the charging.
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