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New Tesla Owner in Grass Valley, CA

Tom and Kristi here - we are new to the Tesla Forum! We test drove a Model S 85 on May 30, bought stock on the 31st, and submitted our order for a gray/black top/gray interior. We will be picking up our Tesla on June 27!!!! We are so pumped, so excited about this amazing vehicle!!! For Tesla owners in or near Nevada County, go to to contact us - we would love to hear your stories and share wine with you!! Cheers from the Cellar!!

Congrats and welcome to the club.

Thanks! We are looking forward to getting to know more Tesla owners! What has your experience been? The process of buying a Tesla has been awesome!!!


Since you guys are only 40 miles from the Folsom supercharger, you could easily host wine tasting for the tesla owners.

I would drive up there for wine and dinner--live in Santa Clara.

I've had my ms for almost 4 months and love it. And love the stock too--bought it over 8 months ago

Awesome! We would love to host! Thanks for your reply. We have relatives in Rescue so we will be checking out the Folsom Supercharger!

You should sign up for the SacEV mailing list and/or LinkedIn page. There are often meetings and EV gatherings you could participate in. Welcome!

A website might be helpful.

Any idea how you got a delivery date so quickly? I finalized my order for an S85 on May 22nd and haven't heard anything yet...

We were surprised as well as originally we were told about 6-8 weeks for delivery. We ordered the MS85, grey/black top/gray interior. We placed our order on June 1 but we called Tesla a week later for the go ahead instead of waiting the full 2 week grace period. What model did you order, what color, etc? We are so excited to be a part of this special group! We can't wait to pick up our Tesla!!!

congrats and welcome,
please join us on facebook if you are on facebook, look for
Tesla model S owners club
it is a private group, but any of us in the group can add you in.

Could it be the car was for someone with that exact configuration who had to walk away from the purchase for whatever reason?

@portia. Thank you for the invite on FB! We just sent through an invite request.

Turns out I'll be getting the car on 6/27 at the Tesla plant...which is all of 5 minutes drive from work. It will be an S85, glass roof, tech, sound, air, gray, gray leather.

I just sent a request to join the FB group.

@klevins. What time are you picking up your Tesla? We will be there at 2:00. Our Model S's are the same except we opted for the black roof and 21" wheels. This is so awesome!!!

Awesome is right! I'm picking up at 11am- the mrs. will be dropping me off so I will get the car for the morning :)

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