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Is the new Trident Iceni Magna the BMW i8 killer?

For some reason I thought I read "Vince Megna".
I clicked the link, and thought I saw a Corvette.
When I saw Trident I thought nuclear.

Single *tanker* of diesel...

I think the BMW i8 is the BMW i8 killer :)

Trouble is, it smells like french fries.

I wonder if the 2000 mile range requires a hundred gallons of diesel on board (at 190 MPH). I'd hate to be in that crash! Wish them luck in the crowded supercar market.

OMG. Really? The rear looks like a butt fitted snuggly in a pair of tight jeans!

I can't stop laughing. A car with an ass...

If those rear windows rattle, does it make a farting noise?? Maybe bubbles come out of the tail pipe!

I'm sure "TheKiko" is not impressed, either.

Hey, don't laugh too much about a car with an ass. Every time I see a Subaru Tribeca, I think it's a car with a muffin top.

Thank you all. I haven't laughed this hard in a while, and it is good for the soul.

I think it is modeled after this (trying to include an image):

I'll figure that out another day. Here is the url:

permission denied...

The pictures appeared for me here after I did an image search for 'Ryan O'neal So Fine'.

This was definitely not worth all this trouble...

Good looking car, even with the funny a--...

...believe 2,000 miles when someone actually completes the journey...


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