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I installed solar panels 4 years ago & generate a little more electricity than I use (even with 2 plug-in hybrids & air conditioning). I am having Solar City do the NEMA14-50 install in July. Home charging will essentially add no cost and eliminate the $20.00 per week gas expense. I am SO looking forward to not supporting the oil & gas industry with my personal funds...

Anyone know if there is an adapter for the mobile connector so one can charge from a Roadster HPC? I have been eagerly anticipating a charge/munch stop at the burgerville in centralia since I discovered there was a charger there.

We were told in April by two different Tesla reps that a Roadster HPC to Model S adaptor is in design and expected to be available when Model S deliveries begin. However, we have not heard anything since then. Probably time to ask for an update. We have a Roadster and intend to charge our Model S using the Roadster HPC.

I wonder if there'll be a reverse adapter: charge a Roadster on an S HPC.

Electricity in Australia has just gone up 18% across the board , at least 50% of which is due to our idiot government pandering to the Greens and introducing a "carbon dioxide tax" of $23 per tonne to the major polluters, who, in the main, are the electricity generators.
A shocking statistic that came out this past week, is the that the State of South Australia will have the most expensive electricity in the WORLD come July 1.
My solar panel installation currently only produces about 20% of my household consumption, and was installed in an effort to mitigate my electricity bills. regrettably, i cannot install a larger system because of space/aspect constraints, so, unless there is dramatic improvement in panel efficiency to well above the current +- 20% per panel, i am stuck.

dborn, Do you have the option of installing panels on the ground in your yard? I have seen that done very effectively for folks who are out of roof space.

Interesting that they don't consider ICE car drivers "major polluters" and tax the fuel (proportionately to electricity suppliers) for polluting just as much or more per gallon burned fuel.

EdG - it is called "politics". Riots in the streets in Australia, we can do without...

Understood. But interesting.

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