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Next big Tesla announcement is around June 20: Musk

Per Elon at All Things D...after tomorrow's, around June 20 is next (presumably the "fifth" in the trilogy)

IIRC Elon hinted at this number a little over a month ago in some conference call, I think. Q: When can we expect 400 mile range? A: What about 500?

This would certainly put pressure on me to make up my mind, since 300 mi is just below my needs. OK, I made enough on the stock so far to pay the deposit ... at least on paper. A good Part 5 helps in that department too ...


EM likes "optionality"

It seems most owners have picked at least some of the available options, like a larger battery, the Performance and Perf Plus upgrades, an exterior paint upgrade, the tech package, pano roof, 21" wheels, sound studio, leather, active air suspension, twin chargers, HPWC, etc, etc.

Many have also chosen NOT to pick some of the above, and that's going to be true of the cold weather option as well as the safety assistance options (or whatever they call the parking sensors, adaptive cruise control & blind spot monitoring). If someone doesn't think they'll need or use an option or can't cost justify the price, they don't check the box.

@TI Sailor

I totally agree that "optionality" is the essence of commercialism I am just amazed at how many posters complain the S doesn't have these features and hunger for them, when the features were never promised or offered.
Since I don't care about these things I would rather Tesla not devote their precious time and resources developing them, at least not until we have a better map, music storage, seamless software updates, an answer to the NOISY and creaking roof. In other words, finish the punch list before working on the wish list.

@whity - I like it! Along with ver2.0, hopefully Right Hand drive, since Asian deliveries are supposed to start later this year. If he wants to open the Japan and Australia fronts " later this year", then this has to happen and soon. Not to forget England, that has been left out of the Europe package so far. Inmy opinion, that would be huge. Whole new market for the cars!!


I understand what you're saying about the punch list before the wish list. However, given the size of TM operations, it doesn't have to be either/or. It can and should be both. If a company stands still, it WILL be run over.

FWIW, I lived 50 years without a cell phone, much less apps and portable music storage. I now take them for granted. Do I think I need lane departure warnings? No. Adaptive cruise control? Nope. Blind spot warning? Might be nice but not necessary. Would I like the car my son drives to the senior prom to have these features? Yeah, I would. The buzzers might get him to take his eyes off his date or his phone and get him to pay attention to his driving! :)

I think the next big announcement on June 20th is going to be the roadmap for both Stores and Service Centers. This will be similar to the supercharging roll out announcement. This announcement will bring the consumer confidence that cars will be able to be purchased from a local POS brick and mortar, or at least ordered. It will also give potential new buyers the relief that their Tesla will have a local service center. I think once you see an announcement like this the people on the fence or those who Tesla was not an option before because of a traditional automotive dealership mindset will be able to move forward with a purchase. Look for a huge Q3 and Q4 surge in Model S orders based on this. Also in the end of Q4 orders for Model X should start to surge and continue into 2014. My prediction is that with this success Tesla will move up the timeline on superchargers and will cover 98% of the US by end of 2014 vs the current 2015 timeline.

Why would anyone want to buy from a Piece Of S*** brick and mortar?

it's the biggest announcement of the 5-trilogy. And it is exactly one day before the first model S delivery has first anniversary.

Believe me, Model S 2.0 with extended range is coming.. eventually with optional, swappable Frunk-Pack. I don't know, but I'm sure

take the 265miles EPA-range and add than have easily 400 Miles and that is the tipping point for naysayers (watch Bob Lutz Interview on CNBC).
Why 50%? Because Panasonic said -more than a year ago- that they improved the 18650-cell and added 57% more energy-density- and it was no "preproduction and far away", it was "it's ready for production now!".

Whity, that's the beauty of the Tesla battery pack design. All they have to do is plug in the new 18650 and now you have a dramatic increase in range. No need to change the production line, no need to change anything at all, just plug and play. Would never be possible in a traditional ICE implementation cycle.

I wonder what it would cost to upgrade the P85 battery pack??


Safety for our driving teens IS very important. But I'd hate for them to count on having these assists to be safe. They can't add a column of numbers or breathe without electricity. What else are they not going to learn?

So if Tesla offered to upgrade your 260 mile, 85 kWh pack to a 400 mile (real), 130kWh pack for $15k who'd do it? Not sure I would. Supercharges seem good enough for my occasional use. But then again...

my tip is 120kWh-pack, fits to the new charginglevel.
Upgrade to next pack will cost 10.000$ - as always, right?
Swap another 10.000$ maybe.
But 400 Miles of range will kill range anxiety

Teenagers wouldn't be "count(ing) on having these assists to be safe." They don't believe in mortality. Parents OTOH...

BTW, I hope the open up the "Valet" variable max speed hidden setting to parents as well. It would also be great if they could limit power, e.g., acceleration. Develop local admin menu for owners in addition to full-blown system admin permissions for service techs, with PIN's or something similar required.

I'm fairly certain tomorrow's announcement is about parking sensors, stick-on rearview camera lane decals, ceiling handles and 7-11 Big Gulp(tm) cup holder options. Finally, a car worth buying!

it's a shareholdermeeting, it has nothing to do with features on the car!
If there is something, then in the kind of coorperation or sell out or or or ...
apple, get on board please with the Icar )
mercedes please coorperate with the Supercharger

ok, I see. ;-)
a little late- but.. Yeah, it's the ceiling handles.
I think, I'm going crazy with this teslas**t

You wouldn't be the only one :P

Really ???
So how long would it take to charge a 120kWh pack using a home NEMA 14-50?

About 15 hours, from empty.

"About 15 hours, from empty."

Sounds scary, but it's not. Not many people drive so much each day that they would need to completely replenish the 120kWh from zero. More often you are charging your next day's commute at home.

So, advantage of the 120kWh is if doing an extended trip - and using the SC's - you can skip one or two if occupied or just feel like going further.

@hsadler - or just stop for 5-10 min to add 50-100 miles and go on.
E.g. Harris to Barstow is tough without range charge and you have to make a detour over Tejon with adds at least 90 min to your trip from Bay Area to Vegas. With a 120 kWh battery it would be a no brainer. Just gives you more options...

Right hand drive happens in about 70 countries, large and small around the world, including places in the Carribbean. Time to move on this issue as their is a larger market than at first sight.

June 20 announcment:

"European first deliveries"

one year after first US deliveries

Don t think its 'European Deliveries', that s not real news.

IF its new battery/range, that would mindblowing and massive impact on PR, Image, etc.

So: battery swap facilities and/or larger battery would be my guess.

During the Stockholder's Meeting today, Elon said that the June 20th announcement would include (or largely consist of?) a "live demonstration" of "charging your car faster than you can fill a gas tank." He confirmed that the 120KW SuperCharger upgrade was not what he was talking about; this is something else.

It sounds like it will be a cool quick charging demo. Hopefully it is something that we'll all be able to do in a year or two when needed (but probably not something you would want to do every day if you cared about long term battery life).

Yes, based on his shareholders meeting comment, sounds like either a battery swapping technology or a super super charger. My guess is battery swapping demonstration. And probably not with an eye to building battery swap stations, but more as a demonstration that you can in fact get an upgraded battery pack in the future should Tesla make one. In Elon's tweet, he said it was possible to do something, but that doesn't mean Tesla is going to do it :-)

Definitely battery swap. Confirmed through Tesla staff that the battery is swappable and like it was stated above, Elon said there will be a demonstration on the 20th of how this is possible. Doubt it's a super super charger.

More info from the shareholder's meeting:

Not a battery swap, even in the frunk. Nope. Instead a high density super cap in the frunk that extends the range of existing 85kwh lion battery. Charges in a minute or two and adds significantly to range. When coupled to the next version of lion batteries from Panasonic, total range approaching 500 miles is within sight.

If I was short Tesla, I would certainly load up on a lot of out of the money calls the week before the announcement to hedge my bet. Otherwise, another 'Tsunami of hurt' awaits these guys.

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