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Next big Tesla announcement is around June 20: Musk

Per Elon at All Things D...after tomorrow's, around June 20 is next (presumably the "fifth" in the trilogy)


But you're forgetting SpaceX! The rockets could fly directly to the sun and harvest little pieces of it. You'd bring the pieces back to Earth and install them in the New Mexico Desert next to the big solar farms in your Hyperloop scenario.

Atlantacourier -- funny you mention that, I actually saw a recent spaceX patent request describing that exact scenario. (patent no. RE44,272)

I know what it is. It's not swap, a new supercharger or anything with the existing's a 100 miles plug-in battery for the frunk. The only issue is you need a forklift to place it in the frunk and a big crane to lift it out. Ok that is a joke Tesla heads...I don't want to be shredded by u guys :)

No way battery swap or frunk battery, unless current owners get a free retrofit, and I cant imagine that. That's just a bad move; it implies, "Let's start over."

It has to be something about Supercharger build-out and/or charging time. Or, if it's some revolutionary new battery tech, then of course it must have the same form factor for retrofitting.

Anything that renders currently owned Teslas obsolete in any way, without easy and free retrofitting, is a non-starter.

@lbjack...the frunk battery is like a spare battery for long distance..

By the way does any one know if the Tesla has an alternator to recharge the 12V batter like ICE cars?? u know if there is an recharging alternator in your Tesla?? If there is, the battery is probably dying because the alternator is not working properly.

I think it's a DC-DC converter.

The image name seemed telling, but at the same time, it was likely named by someone on an IT team that may have had no knowledge of what the demonstration was going to be. The name could have just been speculation on the part of the particular web developer that was responsible for it.

If the image has been pulled now, the pulling of that image still doesn't tell us much. Did the pull it because it gave away what the demonstration was going to be? Or did they pull it because it was giving false expectations? Either way, I'm not surprised if they deep sixed it.

I think we are just going to have to wait until the 20th. My money is still on further charging improvements. Just seems more likely to me. Hopefully it proceeds on schedule, as I have that day off and am looking forward to tuning in to the webcast or whatever other media form they use that day.

The link still works for me...did I miss something?

So as for the actual announcement, how do I go about watching or listening to or reading it on the 20th?


Your arguement is equivalent to saying that those who bought the first iphone should have received free upgrades to the iphone2,3, 4, and 5 just because they bought the earliest version!! You knew what you were getting when when you bought the car. It is unreasonable to argue that Tesla can no longer improve the product without making it retroactive (for free) to all current owners. This has never happened in the history of car manufacturing or dare I say, capitalism itself.

Having said that, I completely agree with Mark K, Tesla will not introduce anything that will diminish the sales of Model S in the short term. The annoucement will enhance sales, which is exactly what the range-pack for the frunk will do. It will be added as an option (Elon is "a big fan of optionality") for both current and future owners. Current owners may require a retrofit, but it will not be provided for free; just like it will be an additional cost to future owners. In this way, it will parallel the introduction of the p85+ package, where both current and future owners can upgrade without dimisnishing the current car.

Simply put, it is brillant. If you want the add-on frunk battery for extra range, you can upgrade for a cost; if you dont want it, you can save the money. Optionality at its best.

As Skotty pointed out, the fact that the link is no longer working has no meaning. The simple fact that it had battery swapping in the title argues strongly for battery swapping as the June 20 demonstration. Is it definitive? By itself no. But then there is the other evidence for swapping: the 10q, the statement by Elon that he 'may have something to say about that in the furture' and the patents. Moreover, there is simply no logical reason why Elon would annouce increased charging speed when he just annouced increased supercaherger speed several weeks ago. Elon is far to brillant to do such a thing.

There is a another very strong arguement against increased charging speed as the June 20 annoucement. A major breakthrough in enhanced supercharging speed by Tesla would be evidenced by new patents. Does anyone know whether Tesla has filed any new patents that radically upgrade charging speed to "faster than you can fill a gas tank"? Without the existance of such patents, it is hard to argue that Tesla would publicaly reveal new charging technology without patent protection.

He's gonna introduce the 500-mile pack and demonstrate charging it to a range of 200 miles in 3 minutes. Then he'll offer fair terms for current owners to SWAP to the new battery when it becomes available.

RU using this link: ? Still dead for me.

Yes, I just clicked on it. It works fine for me.


A 500mile pack is doable with the newer panosonic batteries, but this does not impact charging speed. The latter requires significant new technology and this would be evidenced by Tesla patents. Without such patents, I cannot see charging to >200 miles in less than 3 minutes happening anytime soon.

I'm using Google Chrome and the link works fine. Out of curiosity, I opened Internet Explorer and tried using it to open the link. It did not work using IE.

Elon says you can charge the current battery to 2/3rds capacity in 20 minutes.

If the battery you're charging happens to be a 500-mile battery, then theoretically, you could charge it to a range of 366 miles in 20 minutes. But in doing so, you'd pass the 200 mile mark well before 10 minutes passes.

200 mile range in less than 10 minutes? Some people might say that qualifies as "recharging your Tesla in less time than it takes to fill a tank of gas."

I just looked at Elon's tweet again. You guys missed the end of the quote that you get when you expand the tweet. The last four words of the sentence are "with a turkey baster."

Ever try to put groceries in the rear frunk compartment? Ever try to put anything in the rear frunk compartment? Yes....that tunnel that extends to occupy a space roughly "under our noses". Why would you do it? It's an ergonomic nightmare to retrieve anything from this area without essentially climbing in the frunk. It never quite made sense to me. For a car designed with obsessive attention to form and function, this compartment seems to defy logic. Did you purchase the cargo net? I did, but the only time I've touched it was to reattach it after installing my frunk mat which by the way was a PITA. It certainly seems plausible to me that perhaps this inconvenient space was designed for something else. But wait, there's a s small problem. I don't see any easily punched out panels, or any metal contacts or connectors. It would take some time and effort to retrofit this compartment for an AL-Air Hero pack but I'm sure it could be done. Maybe the cargo net is just that, a barrier to separate what will make the "car go" from the groceries. Time will tell.


Did you clear your cache on chrome? Or try F5 (refresh).

Dead End in Chrome and FF still.

He will demonstrate how to charge faster than filling up gas.

I vote no on the frattery.

Or as I call the Frunk Range Pack - the Frack.

Nope, there will be no Fracking in my car. Not good for the environment.

A small suitcase fits great in that spot.

The link to the battswap-hero pic works fine for me.

Some of you have almost convinced me that it will be battery swap. However, where I get stuck is I just don't see how they could roll it out across the country in any meaningful way without going Better Place on us. And Tesla is not known for doing big announcements of vaporware like all the other auto companies give us with their fancy show cars, FCVs, and other garbage.

Can they physically fit a bigger battery under the car with current technology? If so, I could potentially see the "travel battery" idea happening. You could swap out at a service center, then use the larger travel battery for your trip, and it would potentially be able to charge faster as well, then you could switch back to your own battery at the end of your trip. Thus they could do battery swap without any tech rollout beyond the service centers, have it be useful in a meaningful way, while still leveraging the Supercharger stations. Makes all the pieces fit anyway. But maybe I'm just building the wrong puzzle again.

At this point, it's all inference rather than fact. But if you consider all the data, logical inference points clearly to the Al Air pack in the frunk.

Those who are not interested in an option are not burdened by it, yet everyone benefits when their choices expand. This new option will boost sales.

Elon does not waste his bullets. He's focused on the most important barriers to adoption. They are range and refill convenience, which are inherently linked.

An add-on range pack that can be stocked anywhere in the country addresses both, in a single, elegant step.

The other ideas can't produce a refill in under 2 min anywhere in the country.

Any change that is hard for people to imagine is by definition dramatic to see. Whether it's awesome or lame is always in the details of the decisions and the doing, and Team Tesla has shown a consistent talent for getting that right. You are watching the work of the most intelligent and hard-working team in the world right now. To those who develop technology, their mastery is recognizable.

They will get this right.

Thursday will be eye-opening and very fun.

Mark K;
You eloquently express many of my conclusions and considerations. +1
Not that Elon can't surprise both of us. There's quite a bit of Hogwart in him.

I want to know, of these three options, which is rock, which is paper, and which is scissors?

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