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Nissan Leaf Car"Wings" Clipped

Count your blessings that the Tesla software works as well as it does. The Nissan Leaf Carwings (Telematics) system has been essentially caput for the past week, with no end in sight. (Carwings allows Leaf owners to query their car to check on SOC (state of charge), see the current projected range estimate, remotely control charging, and most importantly, remotely control cabin climate.) Following the release of a recent update to the Apple App, Nissan's Carwings servers appear to be hanging on by a thread. It has been days since most owners have been able to access the system to query their Leaf or preheat their cars to melt their icy windshields....Happy Holidays!

It's 12:39 pm Wednesday, 12/19. I just turned on the climate control in my Leaf from my desktop computer. If there is an issue, it may be with the Apple smartphone App and not Nissan's Telematics. I will count my blessings when Tesla has an app that will do what the Nissan Leaf Carwings will do... Happy Holidays indeed!

Most users are unable to use any of the various flavors (Apple, Android) of the App, or the desktop link from , so count your self lucky. On the other hand, not so fast -- others have reported a "successful" request confirmed on the webpage, only to find that the heat didn't really come on. Once and a while a command miraculously does go through, but most are currently failing. Nissan says that they are working on it: ... 3863950336

I really enjoyed being able to set a custom time for preheat each night prior to launch since my schedule is very variable from day-to-day. The timers, as set up in the car itself, are more time consuming to change each night, and you must go out to the car to change the time if your schedule changes.

Okay on all. The car was in the garage so I went out and confirmed the climate control was running. Also turned it off through the computer. Don't know what else to say :) It worked for me.

I have no problem using my Android phone or my desktop browser to access and control my LEAF. Just this morning I initiated charging (from 80%) and it completed as expected.

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