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NJ Inspection Sticker

I've been driving my S for 2 weeks now with the temp tags. Hoping to get plates soon. Has anyone been pulled over with temp tags or even with plates for no inspection sticker? I was told by Tesla rep that they are exempt, but it doesn't specify EVs on the NJ DOT website as exempt. Hoping I don't have to go to get a sticker. Appreciate everyone's feedback. Thx!

Also had the S for 2 weeks, no incidents yet.

Make sure Tesla has your SS# and current insurance (Model S), otherwise the state will not issue the plates. I just submitted my insurance info a few days ago. Hopefully the plates will come soon.

A friend of mine still has no plates after 1 month, and his temp tag is now expired. Hope Tesla will sort things out soon and make this process smoother.

My temp paper plate expired today, I just got Email after calling tesla few minutes ago with a new temp plates, I was promised permanent in about one wk. I will be nice if we don't knee window sticker.

I have had my S since the middle of January and still dont have my permanent plates. I am on my second temp plate and was promised my plates in a couple of weeks.

Got my plates. Going for an inspection sticker soon.

Do not look forward to that big ugly inspection sticker on the corner of the wind shield...

Got my plates yesterday and my inspection sticker today in Plainfield - Mine was the second Tesla they had seen

I have my S since Feb 18th and still have not received my plates.
Have 5 more days on my temp plate.
I assume we will need that ugly sticker as per "Kale165."

I spoke to Naomi with Tesla and she said that NJ DMV does NOT require an inspection sticker for EVs. I mentioned that there were threads saying otherwise and she insisted that Tesla had looked into thsi for NJ and an inspection sticker was NOT required. If "Kale165" was only the second Tesla they had seen possibly an inspection sticker is not required.........Can anyone else reply?

The site did not mention anything regarding EV's..

Will call MVC today and ask.

Just called, and EV's do NOT require inspection.

Although they specifically don't mention ev's, the intention of the law would be to exempt them, since in n.j. Inspections now are primarily about emissions.

+1 sbern

Found an article regarding inspection change made in Aug 2010

Short quote:
TRENTON, NJ - Beginning Aug. 1, biennial passenger vehicle inspections in New Jersey will entail only an emissions check.

New Jersey-registered passenger vehicles required to submit for an inspection every two years will no longer be reviewed for mechanical-related defects, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) said. Inspectors will conduct an emissions test only. Of the 1.9 million initial vehicle inspections conducted annually at centralized lanes, only 6 percent are rejected for more serious mechanical defects related to brakes, steering, suspension or tires.

Be that as it may, when I got my title, plates, and registration, there was a yellow card enclosed telling me to get my car inspected so I did.

Abby - I would call them ASAP and request an extension - I got one by FEDEX and it was also sent as a pdf


I just got my plates, title via FedEx, plus the yellow card you mention "Inspection decal replacement for new vehicle purchased out of state". So I called NJ MVC inspection again, and they still say inspection not required.

Anyone else try calling or got a different response?

Just got off phone with DMV. E.V's do not need inspection sticker!

WOW, so I can rip mine off?


I think you can rip it off. The sticker basically says you need to have emission inspection in 5 years, which is unnecessary.

Just keep a Tesla brochure to show the officers. Many have no idea who or what Tesla makes.


Thanks for calling DMV and verify.


I actually went to the Inspection Station in Millville, NJ with my vehicle after finally getting my registration and plates from Tesla and asked one of the DMV inspectors if the car had to be inspected. He honestly said he did not know but took my name and number and said he would call me back ASAP. He did call back the next day and said that EV's DO NOT need to be inspected.

Just called. They confirmed that 100% electrics do NOT have to get inspected.

That's good, my 20 year old truck hasn't been inspected in 10 years so it wasn't likely I was going to try to hard to get the Tesla inspected anyway.

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