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NJ Service Center

Any news on a NJ SC?

I saw some threads a while back talking about a NJ service center in Edison coming in the spring. I had also heard something similar from a Tesla employee at the Short Hills store last year. Looking at the Tesla Motors website, there is no mention of a NJ SC... although there are several SC's in other locations placarded "coming soon."

The Edison service center is coming soon for sure. If you look at the career section on the Tesla web page, there are job listings for the Edision service center. Hopefully it will open soon :)

My Model S pickup this Friday is at a new Tesla location in Springfield, NJ. I'll find out if that is destined to be a service center.

@ jsergeant

Congratulations! Lucky you, I had to pick up my car at the PA service center.

Let us know if that's the new service center, take a few pictures of the place!!

Hi there. I picked up in Springfield yesterday. It is just a prep center. The service center is scheduled for Edison still but no window on when that is going to open. Lots of cars in Springfield. Maybe 20-30 waiting for pickup. Nice people who where very helpful and knowledgable. I had a good delivery experience and the car is great

Good luck tomorrow.

njelectric, congratulations :) Enjoy the ride, let us know how it goes!

Picked up my MS at the Springfield location yesterday. A great experience!!!! The tech was courteous and knowledgeable with a bunch of helpful tips. Indication is that Tesla will make Springfield a service center soon. The present facility is ready made and will need very little modification. Love the gray interior with piano black trim.

That's great news about the service center... Congratulations on your delivery!

PERFECT! Thanks for the info

i live in edison and waiting for my car love to have a service center in edison

I believe it was confirmed at the Short Hills event that the lease fell trough for the original location in Edison. However it is still probable that a service center will be opened in Edison since Tesla is still hiring.

What's the address for the Springfield location?

52 Commerce Street. Springfield.


It's definitely Springfield!

Good catch Ira. Good for us :)


Excellent! I live a few miles from there. I was dreading going to Edison, I got my BMW from there and Route 1 is always a traffic nightmare.

Just stopped by today but they were closed. From there you can go across the street to the Nissan dealer...I wanted to test my J1772 adapter but could find their charger.

Dropped my car off yesterday in Springfield and the service was top notch.
First Chris dropped me off and picked me up today (there are no loaners there yet).
Andy was a careful listener and went to work right away, by noon, I got a call that the car was ready.

All the minor issue and the main problem (PTC Heater) were addressed and resolved.

I'm very happy and surely hope they'll be a full service center by the time I hit 12,000 miles

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