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NJ Supercharger

Has anyone heard an update on this? I must say I am disappointed how slow this is happening. At the event in march they alluded to problems with the nj turnpike authority rejecting their request due to the proprietary nature of the technology. We can all email the NJ Turnpike Authority on their web page and let them know you care about this. It is completely short sighted and foolish given the amount of extra space at these rest stops. In fact I would prefer if the spots were far away from the entrance so as not to be blocked or attract attention. Appreciate any updates on this. They are moving too slow in my opinion ad need customer support to make his happen. Thanks for everyone's help!

Talk about the charger being close to the entrance of the rest stop service center, when we were at the DE supercharger station couple weeks ago, 1 spot was taken by a Camery and the other was taken by a Chevy Volt. The only reason they parked there is because it is 30 feet away from the service center door. SO that's 2 out of 4 charging spots taken. There is no way to keep these selfish and inconsiderate people from taking up charging space, and once they are there, you can't do anything about it either.. I guess the only way is to move the chargers further away.

If you can find the NJ Turnpike e-mail or phone number that we all can call, let us know.

Heres the email address:

This is what I wrote: subject: Tesla Superchargers

I am a NJ resident that has chosen to go green by driving a fully electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S. As you know our governor and president are encouraging the adoption of EVs across our country. I have heard that the NJ Turnpike Authority has denied Tesla Motors the right to install supercharger stations along I 95 or the GSP. This makes no sense at all. Both Delaware and Connecticut have allowed them on their highways, not to mention several other states. I ask you to please reconsider. There is plenty of room at rest stops along the highway for 2 simple parking spaces and they can be placed far away from the main entrance so as not to take away valuable parking space. In order for our country and state to move ahead and promote a greener environment we need to be forward thinking and flexible enough to enable these technologies. Tesla's Superchargers are 10x as fast as any other technology on the market and make long distance road travel by EV a reality. Please ask your leaders to reconsider this and help our state become a little greener! Thanks for your consideration. Keith

That sounds strange New Jersey State is leading State second only to California when it comes to solar installations. Has the world largest electric posts installation of solar panels. Created laws to provide financial incentives to people who wanted to install solar systems in their houses and businesses as well as those who wanted to install geothermal systems. How could the authorities oppose facilitating rapid charges for the benefit of the state residents as well as those passing through makes no sense to me. There most be a misunderstanding of some sort. Maybe some technicalities we do not understand. In any event I think there could be some way to circumvent this situation. We certainly need more superchargers. Go Jersey!

I had not thought about this, but NJ is one of the two states in the US that prohibit drivers from pumping their own gas; the gas stations have attendants who pump the gas. Although the excuse is often safety, the fact that in 48 other states drivers are able to pump their own gas safely sort of puts that lie to rest.

I wonder if there were Superchargers installed in NJ whether the state would make Tesla hire attendants and not allow drivers to pump their own electricity.

A friend sent me a picture of a Supercharging station along the NJ Turnpike. He didn't have the location. It looked pretty much ready to use. It might be just waiting for Tesla's announcement.

Can you post please?

I posted the possible site with the picture at:
Feel free to update location if you actually find it.

Pretty sure the picture in that link is from Milford, CT.

It is - the Southbound Milford Service Area Superchargers... Have used both sides several times...


Too bad, I would have hoped my friend's friend would have known NJ from CT.
Oh well. I guess we need to wait.

Rumors are that the NJ Supercharger might be in Edison, that would be both ironic and practical (junction of 95 and 287)... I guess we will know more this afternoon.

I heard from my friend that nj will definitely have a supercharger station .It is not yet decided if it will be on nj turnpike or GSP.

it looks like there is one planned near the Edison area and two planned closer to Manhattan but in NJ

Any new updates on the location???
Hmm! Need to pay toll to get on NJ Turnpike for charging :( thats no good.
Looking on the map Woodbridge/Edison seem to have quite a few major highways intersections I-95, 287, GSP, 440, 9 & 1

@KeithE, did you get a reply?

Edits 6 and 11 (GSP and PA Tpke) would be best locations in NJ From my perspective.

The Turnpike authority won't permit the use of public land for a charger that is exclusive to Tesla. It must be usable by all electric cars. So forget about the gsp and turnpike. The summer is long gone. I wonder how far behind they'll be in installing an easy coast network. The west coast hadn't suffered. It's only here that they're so far behind.

I used KeitE's form letter to write to the NJTrnpike and got this response. :

"Dear :

The Patron Services and Business Development of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority is in receipt of your recent form letter involving Charging Stations for Tesla owners. Our department oversees the (21) Service Areas offered on the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike.

The New Jersey Turnpike will review any proposal submitted by Telsa Motors and/or any electric vehicle charging station provider and then strive towards a mutual agreement between the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and the interested party.

Thank you for contacting the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and for your Tesla Charging Stations inquiry.

Yours truly,

David B. Trumpp
Marketing Coordinator
New Jersey Turnpike Authority
732.750. 5300, ext. 8483"

So is Mr. Trumpp saying that Tesla has not submitted any proposal to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority? Or is he saying the Turnpike Authority will review (has reviewed) and they are striving for mutual agreement. Something doesn't sound quite right. I am sure Tesla by now has submitted some sort of proposal which is probably becoming pretty standard procedure for Tesla supercharging stations.

Does anyone have any updated information regarding a supercharger in NJ?

Trips to the Jersey Shore are going to be difficult without that charger in Edison.

Spoke with Ms. Erica from the NJ Turnpike authority and she said the process is currently pending.


From Tesla Motors Club forums:

Originally Posted by Enadler
Here's the latest. I just heard from a good source at Tesla that the Edison SC is now under construction. The indications is that it is off the Turnpike. It seems the delays were due to a very slow permitting process. Based upon the word that it is now under construction I am assuming that it will be complete shortly. Hopefully someone who lives in the area can locate the site.

Any Edisonians out there feel like doing a little reconnaissance?

This coming Tuesday morning April 22nd, there will be an opening ceremony of the Hamilton square super charger which will be the 100 th charger created by Tesla. This information was given to me by the construction supervisor . The charger is located right off the Tpke exit 7a by route 130 in the mall. This is convenient for anyone headiing to the PA Tpke using Rt 130. It will be a great event.

I am very, very happy with the new supercharger in Hamilton, New Jersey. It really expands the ability to go up north and not worried to have to take a bus or bother someone to take your car to be charged up and leave it alone until next day to go back and pick it up again. It opens up the northern routes for us living in south jersey as well as to those living north to come down south. The net will continue to grow further and further until all the county and the upper part of this northern hemisphere gets united. Keep it up Tesla! Estoy muy, muy contento!

Hamilton supercharger station opened today. Very convenient, at the juncture of US 130 & I 195. Ribbon cutting is Thursday. Works great, 6 stations. Bravo. Need more in NJ.

Although not on the shore, Hamilton is at a great location just off the 195 at 130, near the turnpike 7A exit.

I would not be able to get to Cape May and back without it.

Also, for those who want to know, you could save some toll money if you come up from or are headed south because 295 is free and nearby and runs alongside the turnpike between exits 1 and 7. A small way to send a message to His Royal Immenseness.


I heard today at the Hamilton event that the Edison site is ready to be installed from Tesla's view but they keep on getting the run around from the Mall owners as to where it should go!

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