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No heat

It's getting colder outside. I can't get the heat turned on. It blows cold even if I program it to HI.
Suggestions ?

So what would you like from us? Take it to the service center.

+1 Jat

Call your local service center!

This post does not even need to be on this forum!

HaraldH, Your question is a good one and most Tesla Model S owners who had encountered this problem would be happy to answer your question and save you a trip to the Service Center. I have not yet turned on the heat, (with the exception of the seat heater for lower back pain). I will check it out tomorrow and post my findings. Hopefully other owners will also give you some advice. This is an open forum, you have every right to ask a question.

When I turn on the heat, it works. I have never heard of any other report of a similar problem. Thus, either it is operator error or a unique problem in the OP's car, neither of which can be helped by anyone on this forum.

I had a similar problem with the A/C. Rebooted the touch screen (hold down both wheels) and it came on.

Is it time to bring mrspaghetti's post about being civil back to page 1 of the forum?

HaraldH has every right to pose his question. He doesn't know if this is a simple problem anyone else has encountered and is throwing it out there to see. Perfectly reasonable.

I wish I could help, but I don't get my car until next week!

I say rebooting the touch screen is always worth a try. I had to do it to get my browser working last week.

Seems likely the resistance heater didn't get wired up right. Service Center!


Everyone has the right to ask any question they want. But not all questions are equally valid. I would consider checking the fuse, but frankly if the fuse blew, it's for a reason. And that means calling Tesla. Let them try to talk you through it on the phone. But the forum has limited space for new threads.

@jbunn But the forum has limited space for new threads.


Sorry, we're going to need some clarification.

They are in a single list, and the stack keeps getting deeper. Trivial or important, every new post makes navigation longer.

All questions are valid. If they are answered and deemed not relevant they will quickly fall off the front page of posts and yet still be available via volkerize.

People were asking earlier about turning the radio off. Seems like a silly question, but guess what? You can't turn it off! Just turn it down or mute it. Therefore, not a stupid question.

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