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'NO HOLES' Front License Plate Holder

Does anyone know a good solution?

I've heard of ones where the holes are drilled under the bumper. Not quite what you're looking for, but similar effect.

Why don't you just purchase a new nosecone? I hear so many people worried about this?? Makes no sense to me

Mark ZZZZ: Did you hear of this front tag mounting technique?
I found it on another forum posting.

During the delivery survey it asked if you would like a front plate holder installed. Then below on that page it had a note that if you select no and change your mind later a service center can install one for you. So I figured I would take a chance and see how long I can go without the front plate and if I get a ticket then ill go get it put on.

The Skene bracket looks like a good solution but I wonder if mounting it on the grill will cut off air flow and cause problems with the battery system. I think I may call Tesla to see what they say.

I am think on trying either carpet grade double stick tape or some industrial Velcro I've used at work. Our state (MO) is close (I think) to getting rid of the front plate law. If not for that I would just bolt the thing on. I think it will be possible to clean the glue residue off from the tape or Velcro. If the plate falls off I'll just have to go back and get it and come up with plan B :-)

If you did not have plate holder attached at Factory, TM said you can have it placed anytime at TM service center.I had mine attached for delivery but I was clearly given the option to have it done later at the service center.

In Illinois you WILL get a ticket without the front plate, in no time.

Our BMW 5 which was a European delivery had the German plate on the front (which is still there after 3 years). It was mounted using double sided tape (must be an industrial grade) and the plate curves with the bumper.

Not sure if that solution will work with the Tesla.

I called Tesla Service in Chicago and they said that there is a heat exchanger behind that grill and that it probably was not a good idea to block it. They also said that you still needed to drill holes in the bumper and replacing the bumper was a lot more expensive than replacing the nose cone if you moved to a state that didn't require a front plate. I think I will go with the one they provided.

After much thought, I have found the best solution:

I asked Tesla not to install the front license plate license plate holder at the factory/delivery. At delivery time, they handed the license front plate holder to me. Now this part is key, so pay close attention. What I did next is I opened the trunk. In the trunk, there is a sort of pocket near the driver side rear wheel. There isn't one on the passenger side. It's only on the driver's side. That's a key detail right there. Unless they gave it to you in your hand, then there the storage case for the charging cable and adapters is probably in there. Now, this is the most key detail, HEAVY emphasis on the key. What I did is I took the license plate holder and placed it between the charging cable storage bag and the wall of the trunk. Then, I never thought about it ever again. I am probably going to make a detailed step-by-step video guide which I'll post to YouTube as I know it will help out many others.

@olanmills - haha you must have spied on my last week when my plates (finally) arrived! You have now told the whole world of my secret hiding spot :)

I keep my extra plate in that location but NOT the holder. Need some plausible deniability for why it's not pinned to the front bumper.

A friend also with a Model S is installing and removing his front plate alternate days. He claims that he has averaged a loss of 5-7 miles on his 100 mile (round trip) daily commute with the license plate on. Of course, he seldom drives under 70MPH, and 80MPH for him is very likely. He has been documenting his range loss for three weeks now. Would be nice if Tesla would run a test and shake the results on front of the DOT.

Ironically, I asked for the plate holder to be attached, and when my car was delivered - No plate holder installed. I would pull the OlanMills solution, except that I use the front plate mounted EZ-pass so I don't have to have crap stuck to my windshield. It would have been nice if the car was prepped per request.

Spoke to a state trooper today. She said if you don't have a front license plate you will get a ticket. I would advise the above posters to avoid her.

Why not petition state legislature to eliminate the front plate? Think of the savings only having to manufacture one.

if you live in a front plate state suck it up and go w/the installed one at delivery_doesn"t diminish the "cool factor"!

Here is my simple front license plate mounting solution:

1- Drill 2 sets of holes on the upper corners of the plastic license plate holder for the zip ties to go through; one set of holes on each upper corner.
2- Zip tie the plastic plate to the front grill, one on each upper corner
3- Put a couple of layers of packing tape or foam tape on the aluminum trim that the plastic plate is resting on to protect it from getting scratched

I mounted the plastic plate upside down compared to the factory way of mounting it.
You can easily & quickly install or remove the plate this way.


We are supposed to use front plates in Calif. But yesterday, just driving around town, I started counting oncoming cars with missing fron license plates and stopped counting at over 60 cars in just a few minute ride! Obviously, the law is not very enforced. I never noticed this before. Many of those cars were old clunkers, but many were sleek beauties where the owner probably just didn't like the looks of putting a plate in front. I'm not planning to put on the front plate.

I drove a BMW for 3 years without a front plate. Was never enforced until I was pulled over for speeding on the 101. Then was told to get it mounted. I don't think they (CHP) have the resources to be pulling everyone over for the lack of a front plate BUT will enforce if you give them another reason. I am taking my chances with the MS. Will use brackets and no holes. If they do tell you to have the plate mounted then you will have to take the car to a CHP office to show in a given period of time.

In Chicagoland, had the Model S since mid May 2013. Knock wood no front license plate ticket for a violation so far.

I purchased a Show-N-Go but won't bother putting it on until I get cited (California). This looks like the best solution since once it is installed you just pull it out for display on an as-needed basis.

Somebody posted this on our Facebook group (which you may like to join, Tesla Model S Owner's Club)

Show N Go license plate holder!

Trouble with Show-N-Go is you have to know in advance that you're going to be pulled over. Flipping the plate up after being nabbed is unlikely to have the desired effect!

Just took delivery of my 85 and am looking at "Hide The
Has anyone tried one of these? I am looking at the manual flip up model.

@ivanbracic, yes, there are several of us in Hawaii that use the Show-N-Go. It looks nice and is not as obtrusive as the nosecone mounted or even the lower grill mounting method. There is at least one thing you need to consider. You must be more attentive when you pull into a place where you can hit it against the curb or something like that. Because it will break off or you will bend its metal mount. I've broken two, but I still use it. It gives you reason to be careful of the front. Still best solution currently available.

Yes I bought one and asked if the local SC would install the Show N Go; they politely said no. However, in looking at it it needs to be put into the plastic undercarriage and my thought is to use some type of smallmMolly screw with an expansion backing to hold it against the plastic on the inside. Anyone else know a better installation method?

@DC_POWRD, The Show-N-Go comes with blind fastners aka rubber barrel nuts. You simply get under the front with a 90 degree drill and 5/16" bit. You align the metal bracket so it provides point of contact for each of the three blind fastners. Be aware of your rear hole positioning so you don't drill up into the radiator. Its not really as seeing it as describing it. You naturally move the metal bracket forward enough so when the hinge flips up it stands at 90 degrees. When you do this, you have already moved the metal bracket forward enought to clear any risky drill hole. Then push the three blind fastners in, and hold the bracket in place as you screw the three small screws in. Fifteen minutes tops and you are done. The hardest part is; from the top of the splitter as NASCAR would call it, is finding the center across the front so the tag is centered.

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