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No home charging; opinions please

Like to get some opinions. So I got my email to finalize last week. Had planned on going for test drive to compare the P85 and S85 then ordering. However I'm finding out the apartment I live in won't install any outlets in the garage. I just moved into the building a few months ago...will probably have to break the lease.

My question for everyone is would it be feasible (though not practical) to survive on public chargers in the interim period while I look to move? My commute to and from work is about 13 miles only. I live in Orlando and it appears public chargers are pretty abundant as well. Even after I find a place to rent with a garage I'd still need an electrician to see if it can support a 240 outlet and the required amps which is another headache.

And yes I know Orlando houses are pretty cheap, why not buy? Mostly bc I'm not sure I want to stay in Florida.

Thanks for any feedback.

@ jat

I was wondering if it would reduce the life or capacity of the battery over the long term. (i.e. 5-10 years down the road)

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