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No presence at the Toronto International Auto Show?

With Lamborghini showing up I would at least expect Tesla to make an appearance. Any word on showing up for the Toronto Auto Show?

They don't have time to be at EVERY show.

I'd much rather them inhouse working on bringing the Model S to the public.

With lots of EV competition coming out they need to have a presence at the auto show to get noticed. Hopefully they show up in Denver! :)

Considering the preorders are already over what they expect to be able to reasonably deliver, I'd say it's good thing to get the car out there. I mean, each one that's driven is a rolling advertisement for them, and once they've filled some of the preorders, they'll start flaunting the car in earnest.

Not everybody wants to buy a car on speculation afterall. They want to see it in action before they'll commit.

I for one am such person. I don't quite trust the advertisements, I want to see the car, or at least read some user review of it before making any kind of decision.

Model S is very close to be what I want from a car, but I would hope there would be a slightly smaller version of it. I also need to see how much it would cost me, because my country has moronic taxes for electric cars (they cost more than gasoline ones).

What country do you live in Timo?


Tesla may not be ready for that.. it not necessary that it should present in every show... May be it is preparing for big show...

Timo, is that pricing because, as you were saying, Finland is so primitive and anti-technology?


Ha. Politics and science do not mix well, not even here. Price is because legislation is from stone-ages (and there are some anti-car ignorant "green" people in government) and we have huge taxes for cars. Cars are a "milking cow of the government" here. If it can be taxed, it has been taxed.

I bet that when EV:s eventually get common here we see 1000% increase in our electricity costs, just to get that same tax income.

Fair enough - if they've hit the right pre-order numbers to make this effort a reality then I can live with them not being there. But if they need more people to sign up to make this happen then ideally you want to hit high value targets like auto shows in key markets.

This year's show appears to have a big push for EV and hybrid vehicles. I ask about the presence because based on the current list of exhibitors I doubt people will even know about the Tesla offerings because they aren't there to talk to it.

Tesla is not totally unrepresented in Toronto. My own Roadster is on display!

You had me spinning for a moment. Your comment is exactly 1 day + 1 year after the previous one!

How did you get to "be" the display? Just volunteer?

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