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The No problems LIST : )

10,000 kms , in 70 days and no problems

Zero problems except for the 12V battery exchange. Vendor shipped TM some bad ones. Certainly not TM's fault. Otherwise - SHE's PERFECT !!

zero issues... unless you count the entire freeway
staring at you and giving thumbs up as an issue.

5500 on the first P85S (sold to buy the P85+)with no issues.
2500 miles on the P85+ and still no issues.
Picked up the S85 today and it is equally beautiful and almost problem free. I've finally got one of the "AC compressor needs isolation" cars but otherwise it is perfect. The fix is simple and I will just wait until the car needs service for some other reason.

I love these cars.

5 months, 3,500 miles on my Black S85. Only creaking sunroof that gets fixed tomorrow. Awesome service as I get a roadster!

Rod in Evergreen

3000 miles in two weeks :)

No problems. Planning more road trips!

11 weeks, 4k miles, no probs at all


One month anniversary (should I get a gift?? :)). 1.1k miles. No issues aside from condensation in taillight. The service manager literally wants to know anything you can find wrong with the car, they are so eager to help. Never thought we'd be a two EV family but I've had such an unbelievable first month with the car and with everyone at Tesla that Im beginning to think I cold never buy a car from any other manufacturer. Noticed you can still get a Model X sig.....hmmmmm.....

Update: >6 months and 6000 miles of total bliss with essentially no problems. A minor problem with the pano roof creaking, but fixed. Also a minor problem with the vanity mirrors, but also fixed.

The car is much of a dream today as it was when I was waiting for it.

First thousand miles just passed without a problem. Ranger was just in town (we're 425 miles from a SC) and I couldn't think of anything to have checked out.


Update: 3.5 months and > 5000 miles, no problems yet!

Just had the tires rotated (21" wheels) at Tesla service center, and the wear looks reasonable too.

4 months, 4000 miles, 300 miles from closest SC, No problems!

The difference between a Tesla and an ICE: one purrs, the other putts.


11 months, 12K+ miles. Minor issues (fit, finish, service updates, etc). Tesla has made it all right as rain quickly.

Pure driving pleasure (still) and no regrets. Best car ever ...


25,000 miles and LOVING IT!

Still no issues with the current two (previous P85 was a no issue car). The one small AC compressor hard line vibrating on the steering column was a quick fix and absolutely no issues since. Awesome cars!!

3600 miles, no real problems. I bought an early vin showroom model that had a few minor cosmetic issues. Still loving it.

As soon as we can travel across Florida we are buying a second one.

Six months (11,800 miles) and my story is the same - love my car, love driving it, find myself making up places to go for no real reason - have people drive up and just look at which point I jump out and encourage them to look closer - my wife is now ready to arm wrestle me for the fob - the X would be the ideal for our next (second) vehicle, hopefully Tesla stock will skyrocket and make that a possibility - we've had a couple of small issues, but we were patient and all were resolved to our utmost satisfaction - can't wait for the first 12,500 mile "tune up" - maybe they'll loan me a P85+


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